Cyber Monday Deals – 2010

If you missed Black Friday deals, don't fret. I did too. There's something about standing on line in the FREEZING cold, waiting for the doors to open so that I can get a deal of the century that I do not like. I rather shop in the comfort of my own home with my pj's sipping on hot chocolate on Cyber Monday. Here are some deals I have found to be a great deal today and some even thru tomorrow! Aeropostale -- Cyber Monday Deals ALL DAY LONG. Aerosoles -- Save an extra 20% off any purchase … [Read more...]

Where Do You Keep Your Home Computer?

Being that there are so many online predators nowadays, I often wonder where the majority of parents keep their home computers in the home. Before my last child was born, we had the extra room as our "computer room." Back then I wasn't worried about my kids entering a site that was inappropriate or them looking at videos on YouTube (there are some ridiculous videos on that site that should be rated xxx). Now that my kids range from 5 to 14 years old, I'm not taking any chances on anything … [Read more...]