A Gift Guide For The Coffee Loving Mom

Mother's Day is a couple of days away and I don't want to leave you without a gift guide you can use so I present to you the Gift Guide For The Coffee Loving Mom. As you know, I love my coffee.  Coffee isn't just a beverage for me, it's a space in time.  It's my time. Those few minutes I spend indulging in a great cup of coffee mean a lot to me.  It relaxes, refocuses and gets me ready for the day ahead.  I'm sure many of you moms agree with me. Here are a few gifts that any coffee … [Read more...]

Bloggers Share Their PERFECT Mother’s Day

Mother's Day, to most moms, is a day to relax and unwind according to the bloggers I "interviewed." It's not a day for extravagant gifts or have brunch or dinner at a fancy restaurant. Most of us moms just want the day off to do absolutely nothing. And there's nothing wrong with wanting a day to ourselves. Moms work hard all year long and on our special day (although Mother's Day should be everyday), we just want to be filled with lots of love, no mommy duties and lots of scrumptious … [Read more...]

{Late} Almost Wordless Wednesday ~ The Best Weekend Ever!

This past Mother's Day was one of my favorite Mother's Day because I woke up to breakfast in bed and lots of love.  My kids and husband were extremely happy that I appreciated everything too.  They even left me in my room (although I felt lonely) to watch TV in peace. I have to honest though, I became a bit bored being in my bedroom all by myself.  I can't help it. I'm used to being surrounded by my three lovely kids and my wonderful husband. They bring me tons of joy and happiness and that … [Read more...]

Mom Central’s Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day is less than a week away and I really have no idea what to get my mom and grandmother.  I always get them a special gift that they can treasure for years to come.  Thankfully, I received an email from Mom Central with tons of ideas on gifts for the special women in my life. If you're like me, then visit Mom Central to check out some great gift giving ideas for the moms in our lives as well as some great giveaways too. Here's three of the exciting giveaways: See's Candies: … [Read more...]

To all of my real friends, family members and mommy bloggers…

Have a very Happy Mother's Day. I hope you have a wonderful day and I hope your day is filled with happiness, joy and laughter. Make sure you relax and enjoy a day of no cooking, no chores and no drama. lol Have a GREAT day! … [Read more...]