My baby is famous!

The wonderful people over at LeTop has featured my daughter at their site.  They surprised me yet again with an e-mail stating to check out their site.  I almost forgot they were going to feature her with the dress on. Just in case you don't remember the day I won the dress, click HERE to view the post and refresh your memory.  The dress is beautiful and it is of great quality too. I am really happy my daughter is still in love with her dress.  I'm in love with it too. To think that my … [Read more...]

My favorite mom saying won!

I couldn't believe when I received the email fromLeTop.  It said, "Congratulations on your recent win on your favorite mom sayings"  I was so excited! It was a secret Twitter - only contest and I decided to enter just for the fun of it.  I sent them what I usually say to my family.  I had no idea I would win although I was hoping to. I was so glad I entered. It all started several years ago when my son couldn't find something in the refrigerator.  I forgot what it was but I know it was … [Read more...]