Happy Father’s Day To All The Dads & Single Mamas

To my dad, my papi, you are always in my thoughts and my heart. I think about the times you spent with me guiding me and filling my mind with your wisdom. You were always thoughtful, caring and a very loving father. Even after the divorce, you never let that get in the way of your love for us.  You made sure to see my sister and I every week.  You never once not kiss or hug me. You taught me how a father should be. I'm so glad and very fortunate I got to spend 19 beautiful years with you. May … [Read more...]

Three Graduations and A Wedding Anniversary

What a week it has been. For the past few days, I've been trying to get things ready (clothes and necessities) for all of my kids graduations. My son, my first-born, had his graduation last night.  Even though it felt like the longest graduation known ever, it was great to see his smiling face as he took his diploma from the principal on stage. All three kids are graduating this year and will be in  new schools. Wow, how times flies! My kids are ecstatic to start on their new … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday – My Two Girls

I've had a busy week. My daughters birthdays are just days apart (11 yr. old is the 7th and 5 yr. old is today) from each other and I've been feeling overwhelmed lately.  Good thing my 11 year old was ok with not having a party this year (last year she had a huge party) so we are celebrating my 5 year old's birthday at good ol' Chuck E Cheese's with all of her friends from school. So happy birthday to my big girl and happy birthday to my little girl. Just know that you will always be … [Read more...]

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Just when I thought Valentine's Day meant just another day, my wonderful husband hands me a huge heart-shaped box of chocolates  and a beautiful card.   He even gave my sister (who babysat all 3 kids for me yesterday so I can attend an event) a box of chocolates as well as our two daughters.  Isn't he the sweetest?  He wasn't always interested in Valentine's Day so this was a HUGE surprise.  He always said it was all "too hyped up and all bullsh*t".   So needless to say, his feelings for the … [Read more...]

Happy “Late” Father’s Day

(This post was scheduled for Monday but for some reason, it was never posted, so here it is.....days later) This past Sunday was a very special day to all the Dad's out there that are active in their kid's life.  I say "active" because there are many father's out there that don't even acknowledge that they have kids so the moms have to be both Mom and Dad. So to those moms, Happy Father's Day to you too!  I hope it was a good day. I was one of the lucky ones. My Dad was a wonderful … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday – Daddy’s Girls

While on Twitter (as usual) last night, I looked over and saw my husband with two of his favorite girls.  I had to make the moment last. I hope you enjoy the photo. For more Wordless Wednesday, Check out Momspective! … [Read more...]

Love & Marriage…You can’t have one without the other.

Remember that song from Married...with Children with Christina Applegate, Ed O'Neil & Katey Sagal? I used to love watching that show. It was pretty funny, even when they were acting stupid & unrealistic. If you think about it, you really can't have one without the other. You need love in a marriage because without love there is no marriage.  Don't you think? As I was browsing through the web, I found an interesting article on Ivillage; which is one of the best web sites around if … [Read more...]

I *heart* today!

How about some Red Chocolate Hearts for Valentine's Day? I would love some.  I love chocolate.  Everyone does, right? hint, hint! LOL. This one's for you Babe! =) HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY EVERYONE!!!!!! I hope you enjoy your day with your loved ones! … [Read more...]