The Good and The Bad of BlogHer ’10 – August 6-7

I can't believe it! I did it! I survived BlogHer '10. If you haven't heard what BlogHer is (who hasn't?), it's a blogging conference where women (& some dad bloggers too) gather together and share their views and opinions on anything and everything through their blogs.  They blog about parenting, cooking, places to see and eat, traveling -- basically anything you can think of, someone is blogging about it. The conference is an event that happens once a year since 2005 and it consists of … [Read more...]

Social Fiesta | The First Latina Party At BlogHer

This year I'm excited about BlogHer because it will be in New York City (Go New York!) which also means that I will finally be able to attend my very first blog conference. Since I started blogging two years ago, I have always wanted to attend a blogging conference to meet other bloggers, learn the ropes of blogging the "right" way (make some $$, gain traffic & learn how to social network) and of course, to get away for a couple of days. ;) BlogHer '10 is especially exciting for … [Read more...]

I Didn’t Win but……

the best man won. George "Urban Jibaro" Torres! He won the award for New York's Best Latino Tweep at the Latism event awards ceremony in New York City. He deserved the award and the prize because he brings motivating & positive messages throughout his site Sofrito For Your Soul and of course, on Twitter. So if you want to be a part of his community, follow him on Twitter @urbanjibaro. … [Read more...]

Please Vote For Me at

A few days ago, @Carogonza (from Twitter) said congratulations on being nominated on,  I voted for you so I hope you win. At first I thought, Oh cool, someone added my name to win a cool Latism award. I had no idea what she was talking about until I saw it myself this morning.  I was nominated for one of the best NY Latino Tweeps. Can you believe it? I still can't believe it. I am in shock because I never even thought I would be nominated for ANYTHING in life!! Sounds crazy, … [Read more...]