Celebrate Mother’s Day With Curious George

Curious George is the famous monkey on one of my favorite channels as a child, PBS - channel 13. I remember watching Curious George and wishing I had a monkey just like him.  Even though he didn't speak a language I understood, his gestures said it all. He's sweet, kind and very lovable and teaches children to be the same way.  Now that I have kids of my own, I can reminiscence on my childhood while we watch Curious George on TV. This Mother's Day, PBS will have a special episode … [Read more...]

Shepherd’s Pie – An Irish Dish Made Latina-Style (Sabroso Saturday)

Originally I posted this recipe before but since I'm all over the place today (kids and hubby are home) I don't have the time to put up my post for Sabroso Saturday that my friend Migdalia has created on her site. Enjoy my recipe and I hope you'll make it for your family one day! Shepherd's Pie - Latina-Style INGREDIENTS 5-pounds of potatoes (Russet or Idaho works great for mashing) 2-pounds of lean ground beef 1-bag/box of frozen mixed vegetables (corn, carrots, green beans, … [Read more...]

Shout-Out Sunday – 9/5

If you want to know more about why Shout-Out Sunday was created, than click HERE. In the mean time, click on the links and enjoy the picks of the week. (not in any particular order) 1. What is love? 2. I never had one of these but I always wanted one. 3. Whenever I go to a carnival, I.Must.Have.This! 4. Never featured my own posts, but this week is different ;) 5. OK, now this is unique. A book called... 6. Losing weight is hard but this Latina is doing it!! Go … [Read more...]

Where Latin Flair Meets With The Irish

I have a confession to make - I'm a Latina and I love food!  I can't help it. I love to taste and experiment with foods from other cultures and countries.  I love all types of foods from all over the world. What can I say, I'm a big time foodie! My top favorites are Italian, Chinese, Jamaican, Irish and Indian food.  My husband's brother-in-law is Irish and his mother is one of the best cooks I know and the sweetest women you'll ever meet too. She loves to cook and can make a mean Irish Soda … [Read more...]