Wordless Wednesday: A Glimpse Of My Day With Lori Loughlin & Bobby Flay (Add your linky)

Take a glimpse of my day with Lori Louglin and Bobby Flay at Gary's Loft in New York City yesterday afternoon for the Hellmann's Back to school Mealtime Solutions 101 Event. (Click the photo to enlarge and see the humiliation :/) Thanks to Carey for capturing the moment! LOL   You see that! You can't take me anywhere!!! LOL Happy Wordless Wednesday!! If you want to join in on the WW fun, please link up your post below. I would love to see your Wordless Wednesday photo! Thanks … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday – Beeper?

Where I live, kindergarten is only half day so I'm on a search for a school that has a full day kindergarten for my five year old.  I received applications for some private schools and a couple of Catholic and Christian schools.  On one of the applications, I could not believe what I saw.  I have not seen this option on an application in YEARS so I thought it would be PERFECT for a Wordless Wednesday. :) Happy St. Patrick's Day all.  Today EVERYONE is Irish! LOL Enjoy your day! … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday | The Way I Feel

Since February 2, my email subscription updates have not been working.  No one is getting my updates and it has got me sad/disappointed/aggrevated.  So, this is the way I've been feeling since then. I still can't get it to work but hopefully someone sweet will be willing to help me ;) Enjoy! Photo credit: http://news.yahoo.com/comics/reality-check … [Read more...]

Unique Conversations With My 4 Year Old

My four year old and I have lots of conversations in the car.  Some conversations make me laugh and some make me wonder, "where does  she hear this stuff from".  Anyway, they're all so cute because it lets me me know what she's thinking. Here are two small conversations I just had to share with everyone.  It made me laugh out loud because she'll come out and just say some random things. 4 y.o.  - Mama, that's a hospital truck, right? Me - Hospital truck? (looking around really quickly … [Read more...]

Sunday Funnies | Evian Water

Thanks to one of my (many) favorite blogs, Hot Chocolate Caramel Mocha, for showing me and the rest of her readers this funny video. I don't know about you but it was my first time seeing this video. I love it! It's hilarious.  I hope you enjoy it too! … [Read more...]

Ever heard of the Wedding Fairy?

I was sent an email containing the riddle below.  It's so true and funny at the same time. Enjoy! WEDDING FAIRY A married couple in their early 60 ' s were celebrating their 40th Wedding Anniversary in a quiet, romantic little restaurant.... Suddenly, a tiny yet beautiful fairy appeared on their table. She said, "For being such an exemplary married couple and for being loving to each other for all this time, I will grant you each … [Read more...]

Ready for a laugh?

My husband is addicted to watching Jerry Springer.  Everyone knows that crazy, wild show, right? Well,  since he is not here during the day, he records the show so he can watch it at night.  He usually watches it when the kids are in bed and I'm on the computer because sometimes those people on that show are just plain dumb, I can't bear to watch it.  Other times, I can't help but watch it because it is so damn interesting and entertaining too. This particular episode had us both laughing so … [Read more...]

I just had to share….

I received this in a email today and thought I'd share it with all of you. Enjoy! Can't eat pork, Swine flu... Can't eat chicken, Bird flu. Can't eat Beef, Mad cow.... Can't eat eggs, Salmonella. Can't eat fish, Heavy metal poisons in their waters. Can't eat fruits and veggies, Insecticides and herbicides. BUT Hmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!! M M M M M M M M M M M I believe that leaves Chocolate and ice cream!!!!!!!! Remember - - - 'STRESSED' spelled backwards! … [Read more...]

There’s alway a funny kid’s moment at my house!

My four year old daughter LOVES to dress herself. She dresses and undresses herself all the time. If I try to help her, she gets upset.  So I leave her alone. She is a very independent girl when it comes to that. So one day, after running a whole lot of errands, she mentioned to me that she was getting tired and asked if she could put on her pajamas. I was in the middle of cooking dinner so I told her she knew where her pajamas were and that she can go to her room and change. She … [Read more...]

Kids DO say the funniest things.

Below is a conversation I had with my 4 year old.  We were just about to have dinner so I asked my 4 year old to call her brother over for dinner. Here is what the conversation was like: Nessa: Steven, dinner's ready. Nessa: Look Mom, here's your brother. Mom: (laughing)  No baby (Yes, I still call her baby), he's not my brother, he's my son. Nessa: No, he's not.  He's your brother Mommy. Mom: Baby, you're my daughter and he's my son. Nessa: No MOMMY!! He's your brother, he's … [Read more...]