Free Hershey’s Chocolate Every Friday Through September!

Everyone loves chocolate, right? I  know I do.  I have to eat chocolate every week.  I know it's fattening but it relaxes me.  So when I do have the urge to eat chocolate, I always go for Hershey's.  It's rich, creamy and there's nothing like it.  I was super excited when I heard that Hershey's was GIVING away free chocolate.  It was hard to believe so I had to get on it.  So far, I've received 4 coupons for free chocolate. You must be asking why is Hershey's doing this? Well, Hershey's is … [Read more...]

Friday Fill-Ins

I decided to do one of these while I was reading Isolated Existence (which is a great blog),  so I thought I should do one too. So here are mine: 1. I grew up thinking  I was fat because I have thick thighs. 2. Twitter was the last website I was at before coming here. 3. Why don't you sign up for Swagbucks? It's awesome! 4. Coffee helps me relax. 5. Thanks for the visit, I really appreciate it.. 6.Laundry sometimes can become very off-putting. 7. And as for the … [Read more...]