Chris O’Donnell Has a Small Message for YOU!

As you may know, I participated in spreading the word about the New Lunchables -- Now With Fruit last month in Times Square.  I was able to interview Chris O'Donnell and spend time with the Lunchables team in helping Feeding America reach their goal of donating up to one million pounds of fruit to the hungry. It was a beautiful day despite the drizzle here and there.  The crowd was awesome and we all had a chance to try out samples of the Lunchables. But Lunchables still NEEDS your help in … [Read more...]

A Mechanical Bull, Hebrew National Hot Dogs, Cheryl Hines and More!

If you read my post from last week than you already know that I was one of the co-hosts for the Hebrew National Better-Than-A-Picnic Picnic. It was held in the Southside of Randall's Island where many children and adults play sports such as soccer and baseball which equals to a perfect spot for a picnic! When I arrived to Randall's Island, I was so excited to see Cheryl Hines in person (and of course see my NYC bloggy friends) that I got lost.  Yes. I. did.  Randall's Island is a huge place … [Read more...]