What’s Coming in June 2019 on Netflix

It's funny how my very last blog post was about me explaining that it has been a long time since I posted on the blog and a year later, here I am. ONE. FULL. YEAR. I cannot believe that it was a year ago since I posted here.  Well....What can I say?  Life gets in the way. My health hasn't been the greatest but I'm trying my best to eat healthy, exercise and just spend quality time with my family. But I digress..... Let's get this Netflix show on the road! June is just around the … [Read more...]

Coming Together As A Family with @Netflix #Streamteam #ad

There's no doubt in my mind that when a family is close-knit, good things can and will happen. Family movie night. Car-ride duets. Weekend dance fests. The best moments happen when the family comes together -- and much of that happens over music and entertainment. It’s why 40% of families say they routinely watch all sorts of shows together. It’s also why you grow nostalgic for the music your parents loved and eventually want to pass it down to your kids as well. With the new … [Read more...]

We Can Stop HIV One Conversation at a Time #OneConversation

Disclosure: This post is made possible by support from the We Can Stop HIV One Conversation at a Time campaign. All opinions are always my own. As parents, it’s our job to help, protect and guide our children on the right path to be safe, successful and law abiding citizens. It’s also our job to talk to them about how to be safe in their sexual relationships when they’re at the appropriate age or when they’re (gasp) ready. If parents are not talking to their children about sex, especially … [Read more...]

Family Is What You Make It @Netflix #StreamTeam

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Netflix as a part of my participation on the Netflix Stream Team. All opinions are always my own. Family.  How would you describe YOUR family? Wild? Crazy? Comforting? Warm? Unstable? Tight-knit? Whatever it is, it's your unique family. I would say my family is a mixture of The Barones from Everybody Loves Raymond, a little bit of The Chance Family from Raising Hope and Roseanne. Weird you say? Nahhhh. They're a little nutty, dysfunctional and … [Read more...]

Happy Father’s Day!!

I know it's a little late but I was practically in the kitchen all day long! My hubby wanted nothing but food for Father's Day and as a good wife, I obliged. ;) I made my famous Ham, Chorizo and potato frittata for brunch and like the first time, it was delicious!  We were home all day so we kind of just chilled out and watched movies and our recorded shows. Lunch was whatever we found in the fridge.  Call me lazy but I didn't' feel like making all three meals today.  :) Dinner was … [Read more...]

P&G Family Movie Night — Game of Your Life Premieres December 2, 2011 on NBC

It's that time again. It's Game of Your Life on Friday, December 2 on NBC at 8pm ET/7pm CT. Or set your DVR to see it when you can. And you can follow Family Movie Night on Facebook by liking them: … [Read more...]

August 18, 1994

August 18, 1994. A day that came too quickly. A day I thought would be nothing special besides my cousin's birthday who lives in Florida. A day I will never forget because it's the day I lost my father.  My dad. My papi. A day that shocked my whole family and all who knew him. A day that will never be forgotten. A day that brings back memories of the day he handed me beneficiary papers just a few months before. A day I often wonder if he knew his "time" was near. A day … [Read more...]

Family Matters…..or does it?

When it comes to family and the bond families have with one another, it's no doubt that you should be able to count on your family when the chips are down, right?  In my heart, family matters. It's the main piece to any puzzle. Unfortunately, that isn't always the case. When I was a kid, I grew up in a tight-knit family. I saw fights, arguments, crying and lots of love in between it all.  No matter the issue, there was a bond that I always saw that was very important. Yes, people gave … [Read more...]

A Short Story: Happy Birthday To My Little Souvenir

Two birthdays this week has got me crazy busy getting things just right for my little girls. After six years, I still can't believe I have 2 kids with birthdays that are only three days apart.  And to think my doctor wanted my little souvenir to be born on March 7th. Was he insane?  We have a daughter who's birthday falls on March 7th so choosing our baby's birthday was not easy. You may be asking why would we choose our daughter's birthday? Well since I had major complications with my first … [Read more...]

Easy Recipe: Sausage Stuffing (Sabroso Saturday)

I've been thinking about what to write for my Sabroso Saturday post all week long. Since I like to post easy recipes that anyone can do, I decided on the sausage stuffing that's equally delicious and very easy to make. This year will be my 7th year making it. My family and I can't wait to eat it. When it comes to stuffing, I don't really like too much going on in the stuffing like apples, oysters or even mushrooms (blah!). I'm not too fond of boxed stuffing either -- it's way too salty. So … [Read more...]