Easy Recipe: Red Velvet Cupcakes With Cream Cheese Frosting (Courtesy of Paula Deen)

What is the color of Valentine's Day? Red, right? Red signifies passion and love. It's also the most popular color for roses during Valentine's Day too. It's another way to say "I love you" to that special someone. For this week's Sabroso Saturday, I chose a well-known recipe from Paula Deen for Red Velvet Cupcakes. She's a true Southerner and her recipes are delicious.  If you haven't tried Red Velvet cake, it's scrumptious. It has a slight note of chocolate throughout and it's very … [Read more...]

Easy Recipe: Twice-Baked Potato Bites (Sabroso Saturday)

I recently wrote about I Can't Believe It's Not Butter (ICBINB) and how healthy it is compared to regular butter and oils. Since then, I have cooked many meals with ICBINB and I love it. My family and I are hooked!  It's taste delicious, it's creamy and it's low in fat.   My favorite quick and easy recipe is to spread ICBINB onto warm toast and dash a little cinnamon on top with a cup of coffee and a piece of fruit like an apple or a pear. The combination pairs wonderfully for a fast and easy … [Read more...]

Easy Recipe: Bistec Encebollado (Steak & Onions)

I remember visiting my grandparents every weekend when I was a little girl.  I was always filled with excitement when I knew we were going over.  My grandparents were my parent the first 3 months of my life because my mother got very sick after she had me.  I guess you can say that is the reason why I had a special bond with them -- not because they are my grandparents. My abuelo (grandfather) was the chef of the house.  He would always create the tastiest meals ever.  Everyone would come … [Read more...]

Easy Recipe: Guineos En Escabeche (Sabroso Saturday)

When I was pregnant with my son, I didn't get too many cravings but when I did, let me tell you, they were very strong. They were so strong that it was all I thought about. I wasn't that "crazy" pregnant woman that would send her husband to the store at 3 in the morning to get chocolate or whatever the craving was. I was patient, in a way.  I did drink milk every single day because that was one of the things I craved and it was not because it was good for me or the baby. The one thing that … [Read more...]

Easy Recipe: Sausage Stuffing (Sabroso Saturday)

I've been thinking about what to write for my Sabroso Saturday post all week long. Since I like to post easy recipes that anyone can do, I decided on the sausage stuffing that's equally delicious and very easy to make. This year will be my 7th year making it. My family and I can't wait to eat it. When it comes to stuffing, I don't really like too much going on in the stuffing like apples, oysters or even mushrooms (blah!). I'm not too fond of boxed stuffing either -- it's way too salty. So … [Read more...]

Easy Recipe: Flan Cheesecake (Sabroso Saturday)

When the holidays come around, I crave anything that is rich and creamy like cheesecakes and flans.  I came across this recipe while browsing through one of my favorite sites, Pioneer Woman.  She's a great photographer, a mom and her recipe photos are just amazing. She has tons of recipes but for some reason, I always go to her dessert archives first.  As soon as I saw the recipe for a caramel pumpkin gingersnap cheesecake, I told my husband I have the prefect recipe for Thanks giving (this … [Read more...]

Easy Recipe: The BEST Cheesecake (Sabroso Saturday)

I love cheesecake! But not just any cheesecake -- New York Style Cheesecake (plain).  It's just so creamy and yummy. I was given this recipe years ago but was told to keep it a secret. I finally thought why should I keep a delicious cheesecake recipe to myself? Why not share it for the Sabroso Saturday blog hop for all to enjoy? Doesn't this make you super happy? ;) Consider this your gift for life! LOL I make this cheesecake every year during the holidays and my whole family LOVES it.  … [Read more...]

Easy Recipe: No-Boil Lasagna (Sabroso Saturday)

My family loves lasagna.  What's not to love? You've got pasta, sauce, cheese and meat.  It's like heaven on a plate if you ask me.  I know there are many different ways on making lasagna like without meat, eggplant, spinach, chicken but I always make it with ground beef and sometimes I add a couple of Italian sausages.  I'm a carnivore (not so much of a veggie person) so I cannot eat a lasagna made without meat.  It's the substance I need in a meal. Back in March, I attended an event that … [Read more...]

Easy Recipe: Italian Pasta Salad (Sabroso Saturday)

Sometimes cooking can be therapeutic for me, depending on my mood.   There are times when I love to cook and there are times when I dread to face the kitchen.  Especially when my mind goes blank when I think about what to make.  But once everything is planned and prepped, I'm ready to go and create a tasty meal. When it comes to simple side dishes, I'm super happy to make it because I know it won't take long to make. The recipe that is featured today is easy, light and very versatile. You … [Read more...]

Easy Recipe: Potato Pancakes With Avocado & Eggs (Sabroso Saturday)

When I woke up this morning, I thought to myself, I've got to get a recipe up on my blog for Sabroso Saturday.  I was thinking of my version of empanadas (which I will post soon) but I wanted to post pics with it too. So then I thought maybe I'll add a breakfast recipe and was wondering what to write. Like any other morning, I drank my coffee with one of my favorite magazines like Everyday with Rachael Ray trying to get inspired with one of the recipes. In the October issue, I spotted a … [Read more...]