Happy Father’s Day…with a Ham, Chorizo and Potato Frittata

First of all I wanted to say Happy Father's Day to my dad, who is in heaven. I miss you dearly and never a day goes by without the thought of you. I love you Papi. Happy father's Day to my husband, the father of our children -- who loves us unconditionally and is always there for us.  He fixes everything and anything in our house to make it look presentable.  He does laundry, makes the BEST breakfast on the weekends and cooks dinner from time to time.  He is the go-to person when we need to … [Read more...]

Shout-Out Sunday – 8/22

A day late, a dollar short but it's here! :) If you want to know more about why Shout-Out Sunday was created, than click HERE. In the mean time, click on the links and enjoy the picks of the week: 1. New York magazine had an amazing article about moms who love their kids but hate their life. Read this Dad's post on what he thinks about it. 2. This mom knows a lot about planning birthday parties including ALL the hassles it entails. 3. Is it possible to have life without detours? … [Read more...]

Happy “Late” Father’s Day

(This post was scheduled for Monday but for some reason, it was never posted, so here it is.....days later) This past Sunday was a very special day to all the Dad's out there that are active in their kid's life.  I say "active" because there are many father's out there that don't even acknowledge that they have kids so the moms have to be both Mom and Dad. So to those moms, Happy Father's Day to you too!  I hope it was a good day. I was one of the lucky ones. My Dad was a wonderful … [Read more...]