Thanks to U.S. News, Here Are 15 Things You Should Not Be Paying For

There ARE some things in life that are free or almost free. You just need to do your research and/or ask around. 1. Basic Computer Software -- Thinking of purchasing a new computer? Think twice before you fork over the funds for a bunch of extra software. There are some great alternatives to the name brand software programs. The most notable is OpenOffice, the open-source alternative to those other guys. It's completely free and files can be exported in compatible formats. 2. Your Credit … [Read more...]

Which credit cards are right for you?

Nowadays, Americans have at least one credit card or a couple of credit cards.  In order to get a good rate for a car loan or even a mortgage, you have to build up your credit first.  So when I'm in need of a credit card with a low interest rate, I usually shop around the internet for one that suits my needs.  I don't like when a credit card charges a fee; I like a free card with a low interest rate because  I usually don't pay the whole balance the following month.  So when it's time to search … [Read more...]