My First Pinterest Challenge: A Laundry Closet Makeover

I'll let you in on a secret of mine. I'm addicted to Pinterest.  At first I couldn't understand the hype of Pinterest but oh boy, now I do.  I've made a few quick and easy recipes from Pinterest and got lots of new ideas for my home. First challenge -- A new laundry closet! To me, laundry is something that is never done.  You think you wash your last load and then you glance at the hamper and boom, there it is -- more laundry. Like many homes, my washer and dryer was down in the basement. … [Read more...]

Photo Challenge: My First Week in Pics. #photoadayjune

Since I've been working full time, my social media life has diminished. I don't always have the time, energy or desire to "socialize" online when I "socialize" with strangers all day long. So last week while I was on Instagram, I saw a photo from @Fatmumslim and her "photo challenge list" and decided to join in on the daily challenge photo fun. Here's the full list for June. After making the the collage, I noticed I missed the very first photo - morning.  I will definitely post that … [Read more...]

Walmart’s Choice Steak Challenge ~ Plus, The Winning Recipe!

With summer just around the corner, I especially look forward to the upcoming grilling season as do many individuals. There’s nothing better than enjoying a juicy and flavorful piece of steak straight from the grill! Walmart is dedicated to its customers and offers everyday low prices for their everyday needs and now customers can enjoy Walmart’s Top Quality USDA Choice steaks as well! Walmart’s now offers a wide selection of top quality USDA Choice steak which includes T-bone, NY Strip, … [Read more...]

31 Days to Build a Better Blog Challenge – Day 2

Today's challenge is: Day 2: Make A List Post When it comes to blogging, I'm not much of a "list-poster".  I make lists (like shopping lists) but not all the time.  However, I've done a few list posts in the past but I only found one.  I had to look through my old blog archives to find it. It was a post that Jerry Springer inspired me to write.  I know, I know, that show is trash TV but believe me, I'm not the one that records it (hubby does). If it were up to me, I wouldn't see … [Read more...]