Wordless Wednesday – Statue of Liberty Near Central Park (linky)

A few weeks ago while driving the brand new Nissan LEAF (post coming soon, I promise!) around New York City, I spotted the Statue of Liberty near Central Park. Obviously it's not the real one but I thought it was perfect for WW. ;) Enjoy! Happy Wordless Wednesday! If you want to join in on the WW fun (would love it if you do ), please link up your post below. I would love to see your Wordless Wednesday photo! Thank you and have a great Hump Day!! … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday | Patiently Waiting…

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Photo Hunters: ROCK!

My friend Rebecca over at New York Traveler loves to post for Photo  Hunters and she always has very interesting photos.  I love them all.  This time she invited me to join in on the fun. The two photos below were taken last week at Central Park by the Delacorte Theatre.  My 4 year old saw the huge rock and quickly wanted to "walk" on the rock.  So I got my camera and shot a few pictures and these were the best looking ones. I hope you enjoy them.  If you want to join in, go right ahead! … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday – Central Park

***I know this is everywhere but I am really happy that Barack Obama is our new President Elect.  I hope he will change this country for the better and get us out of this economical crisis we're in. P.S. I voted for him b/c I also want change. … [Read more...]