OxiClean Prize Pack Giveaway

A couple of weeks ago, my buddy Raquel covered the OxiClean event in New York City. There she met Anthony Sullivan and saw demonstrations on how well OxiClean removes dirt and stains right before her eyes. From what she said, she had a blast.  By the photo she provided, I know she did. You can read all about her story by clicking anywhere in this sentence. ;) Unlike Raquel, I've used OxiClean for several years now and I love how it removes all types of stains.  It removes those … [Read more...]

Last Wordless Wednesday Of 2009

Is this our future? LOL Just kidding. After I parked our car at our local mall, we looked back and that is what we saw. My daughter thought the dog was cute so she wanted me take a picture. Doesn't he look like he's driving? :) Enjoy! … [Read more...]

Just one of those days…

Well, I have to say it's just one of those days.  My week hasn't been the best week because of me not feeling well and it won't be a great weekend either. I was super excited about the Big Apple BBQ Block Party happening today and tomorrow but my vehicle decided to tell me otherwise.  I'm having car trouble so that leaves me to stay home, which isn't a bad thing but I really wanted to eat some BBQ ribs, chicken, pulled pork, macaroni and cheese, drink some beer and interact with people. I … [Read more...]

The verdict is in.

So, after taking the vehicle in to get checked by the insurance company, the damages will cost approximately $3,800 to fix. Yup! That's right. Thank goodness for insurance because that's a lot of moolah! Besides the visual damages, there are also alignment issues that need to get fixed.  I'm hoping the repairs won't take too long.  I hate being stuck in my house. So, that's the latest news for me. … [Read more...]