The 50 Things You Never Knew About Me

When I started blogging back in 2007, memes were all the rage and I loved it. That was one of the reasons why I started blogging. To share, to document, to network with other bloggers and to just have a good time. I never thought in a million years blogging would give me awesome opportunities in working with brands, attending blog events and at times, traveling with all expenses paid. Never! But while browsing through my favorite blogs (I have TONS of favorites), I came across a fun "About … [Read more...]

10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Me

1. I don't own a passport. 2. I LOVE coffee but don't care for iced coffee too much. 3. Ever since I was a little girl, I always knew I would have 2-3 kids. 4. The first time I was on a plane was when I was 29 years old. It was my first trip to Puerto Rico. 5.I was the first one in my family to graduate from college and earn a bachelor's degree. 6. I'm a pretty nice person but if you mess with my family, I will go bipolar on you. Lol 7. If I had the money, I would travel to a … [Read more...]

I’ve been tagged!

Yay!! I love getting tagged. It gives me something to do on my blog that requires little thinking.. I know, I know, that is totally pathetic but sometimes I've got too much on my mind - So much that I can't even remember how to write a complete sentence. Thank you Jai for tagging me to answer a "One Word Wonders Meme." Here it goes: 1. Clothes: I love comfort - Jeans, sneakers and a comfy shirt.2. Furniture: Modern and comtemporary 3. Sweet: Chocolate all the way! 4. City:  The Bronx; … [Read more...]