Easy Recipe: 5-Ingredient Baked Garlic Chicken

Whenever I cook savory dishes, the one ingredient I always use is fresh garlic. And I'm not talking about jarred minced garlic or garlic paste that comes in a tube. I'm talking about fresh, whole garlic cloves. It's the one ingredient I can't live without. And when I tell you I add it to every single savory dish, I REALLY do. I add garlic to beans, rice, meats, fish, potatoes - the list can literally go on and on. It makes the food come alive. It make your taste buds happy. This easy recipe is … [Read more...]

A Delicious Valentine’s Day Menu Filled with Easy-to-do Recipes

I believe a way to anyone's heart is through their stomach. Wouldn't you agree?  The saying goes towards the men, but I highly doubt a woman would ever turn down a home-cooked meal any night of the week especially with a menu like you see below. Am I right ladies? ;) As you know, Valentine's Day is Friday and restaurants everywhere will be swamped with reservations and of course,  people.  I don't know about you but I dislike crowds. Whatever I need to do to do to avoid crowds, I'm in! … [Read more...]

5 Simple Ways To Show Your Love This Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day is this Friday people!  Are you ready?  I don't normally go all out for Valentine's Day because honestly, I've been let down quite a few times (more times than I like to remember).  So I try to make sure not to expect anything and just try to show my love to my family on the day we all call, a day for lovers. ;) As you may already know, there are tons of ways to show your loved ones how you feel this upcoming Valentine's Day.  It's a day filled with red hearts, joy, food and … [Read more...]

Grana Padano and Lidia Bastianich Teach Healthy Eating with Kids at Eataly

This month my daughter and I had the opportunity to cook some delicious and healthy recipes with Lidia Bastianich and Grana Padano in La Scoula Grande right inside Eataly in New York City. I've been a fan of Lidia's Italy since I was a teenager. My mother-in-law is also a huge fan. My mother-in-law always says, "All Lidia has to do on that show is throw some onion and garlic into a pan and I start to drool!" I enjoy Lidia's recipes because her approach is fresh, rustic, and simple. We … [Read more...]

September 29th is National Coffee Day!

Whoever thought of making a day National Coffee Day was brilliant. Although in my home, every day is coffee day. It's the liquid I need to help me get through the day. I need coffee. I love coffee. Without it, I wouldn't be human. Ok, ok, I'm kidding but I will not feel human if I don't have my daily cup of java. So in honor of National Coffee Day, I am sharing the spots where you can get a cup of free coffee. Who doesn't like free? I LOVE free! Starbucks If you buy 1 lb of … [Read more...]

Easy Recipe: Dark Chocolate Banana Bread

It's not officially fall just yet but it sure does feel like fall already. The morning hours are crisp and cold and everyone is breaking out their sweaters and long pants. Once the kids are back in school, I often go into baking mode. I love to bake. It's soothing and it makes the house smell yummy. Every year, around this time, I make a delicious, moist pumpkin bread that my family and I go crazy over. I haven't made it just yet because I have been obsessed with banana bread with dark … [Read more...]

{Review} Ihop’s Sweet Cream Belgian Waffles *Limited Time*

Disclosure: A gift card was received to facilitate this review. After a stressful, busy week at work, I like to unwind on the weekends and go out for breakfast with my family. We don’t do it too often but when we do, we make it a big deal. Most of the time we are frugal and eat breakfast at home but once in the blue moon, we like to splurge on eating out at a diner or a restaurant. A huge bonus for me is that I don't have to worry about the mess afterwards. The folks over at Ihop … [Read more...]

Family Taste Test with Heluva Good! Greek Style Yogurt Dip. #HvgGoesGreek

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Heluva Good! I received a product sample to facilitate my review and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.” I recently had the opportunity to try the new Heluva Good! Greek Style Yogurt Dips, thanks to Mom Central. I LOVE chips and dip. I've tried many dips in my life but the brand I always go to is Heluva Good! I buy their cheeses and their sour cream dips all the time. My all-time favorite dip is the French … [Read more...]

{Recipe} Limber de Coco – Coconut Cream Ice Pops (or cups)

If you gave me a choice between winter and summer, I would definitely have to choose the latter. Summer is a time to enjoy the outdoors and spend plenty of time with your family by the beach or the pool. When I was a kid, my parents used to vacation in Lancaster, PA. We'd visit my aunts, uncles and cousins and explore the area. My aunt was a stay at home mom so to make extra money, she would sell frozen kool-aid in small cups for twenty-five cents each. She would make yummy and refreshing … [Read more...]

Gorton’s Seafood Challenge: 20 products under 200 Calories Recipe Challenge. Plus, a Giveaway!

Did you know that shrimp are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which starve tumor cells and help fight cancer? Yes! Recent studies show that eating 8 or 9 shrimp a day can help reduce breast cancer risk. I'll take it! I could eat shrimp everyday in various ways. Whether it's grilled, fried, baked, boiled, in salads -- I'm all for eating shrimp any day. I'm so glad that Gorton's makes it extremely easy for busy parents like myself to have dinner on the table in minutes. After working an eight … [Read more...]