Prenatal Vitamins aren’t just for Moms-to-Be! (and a giveaway!)

I’m a mom of three so I am no stranger to prenatal vitamins. I remember when I was pregnant with my first child, I would gag whenever I would take my prenatal vitamins because of their large size. In the beginning, I decided on my own to take children’s chew-able vitamins instead. But after a few months and a few blood tests later, my doctor could see from the results that I was becoming anemic.

Needless to say, I was back on those giant horse pills in no time. It took awhile to get used to it but it wasn’t too bad. I wanted to be in optimal health so it meant getting used to taking those giant pills. Plus, I felt so much better afterwards. I had more energy and was super glad that future blood tests came back showing I was no longer anemic.

Allow me to be honest here…… Now this may sound odd to all of you but sometimes I buy prenatal vitamins!

I know it sounds crazy, uh?

Well there’s a good reason for that!

Saving money, of course!

I can’t help it but I love to save money.  I mean, who doesn’t? Especially when I see a top selection of prenatal vitamins at an amazing deal!  Yes they carry “regular” vitamins for women that are not pregnant but honestly, the prenatal vitamins that I get are pretty darn good.

And the best part about the vitamins that I buy: they aren’t so huge. They’re a decent size and it does its job. A win-win situation if you ask me. Although the factory was shut down years ago, this mama still needs to feel energized and healthy. So whatever I need to make that happen, I will do!

Giveaway time!

One very lucky New York Chica reader will win a $50 gift card to

I’ve shared my story about prenatal vitamins, now it’s YOUR turn.  Tell me something you hated to do while you were pregnant? For the men, ask your other half this same question.

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  1. I guess the only thing I hated about being pregnant were the weigh-ins at the doctor’s office.

  2. Sarah Hayes says:

    i hated trying to find something to eat! nothing seemed good but i was so hungry

  3. Nicole I. says:

    I hated wearing shoes while pregnant! Lol! My feet were sooo swollen and I was pregnant mostly in the winter, boots would kill me!

  4. Angela Saver says:

    I had a hard time with the size of the prenatal vitamins too! I hated the morning sickness when I was pregnant! I also hated the heartburn I had when I was pregnant!

  5. Jessica Naca says:

    The biggest thing I had had a hard time coping with when inwas pregnant was having to spend two months in the high risk pregnancy floor! I wanted to be at home in my own bed!

  6. The migraines and not being able to take anything

  7. I hated getting heartburn at night. And I hated gaining so much weight and then not losing enough of it later.

  8. Sonya Morris says:

    With my last pregnancy, I hated checking my blood sugar level several times a day! Gestational diabetes is not much fun, but thankful it was only for a few months and not a lifetime!

  9. When I was pregnant, the second time I has horrible pains in my back that radiated down my legs especially if I was sitting down. I hated that.

  10. I hated having to use the bathroom or feeling like I had to a lot and I also had headaches a lot.

  11. I hated trying to cook anything with garlic! For some reason garlic made me nauseous my entire pregnancy which was a huge bummer because normally we love it and use it all the time!

  12. Kelly Tupick says:

    Something i really hated to do while i was pregnant was clothes shopping. I hated that nothing fit and i was always hot and uncomfortable.

  13. I hated tying my shoes and putting on pants

  14. Julie Lundstrom says:

    I was never good at taking my vitamins.

  15. I hated having to go to the bathroom every time I went to a prenatal appointment. It always took me forever.

  16. I hated always being so hot!

  17. Jessica Beard says:

    With my last pregnancy, the thing I didn’t like was having a hard time breathing at the beginning of my pregnancy.

  18. Nancy Loring says:

    When I was pregnant with my son i hated going into work every morning. I worked in a store/deli and as soon as I walked in the store the smell of all he different foods in the deli, which i used to love, made me so sick. This happened to me throughout my whole pregnancy. I also hated to step on the scale when I would see my midwife.

  19. Heather Dawn says:

    I hated getting stuck with needles all the time. It seems like they needed blood all the time lol. I also hated the gestational diabetes drink, yuck.

  20. Maria Beas says:

    I hated that every single time I would eat tune (my favorite food) I had to vomit and now my daughter does not like tuna 🙁 Thanks for the chance to win such an amazing giveaway.

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