Where Do You Watch Netflix? #StreamTeam

……..In the bathroom? Under the covers? Where have you done it? C’mon, you can tell me.

Do you really think every Netflix user decides to watch their favorite shows or movies on the couch? Or in the comfort of their own bed?  Think again. There’s the garage, the car, the bathroom, on the train and so on. You get the picture.

The-Netflix-Sneak 1

I’m one who not only watches Netflix in the living room and my bedroom but I also watch it in the kitchen.

Yes, the kitchen! Where else? 😉

Catching up on my shows while I cook dinner is the perfect time to watch my favorite shows on Netflix. I have the app downloaded onto to my iPad and I easily place the iPad on its own stand.  Voila! I never have to miss a show or movie when I cook!

Here are some titles I’m looking forward to start and finish!

  1. Bloodline
  2. Orange is the New Black
  3. Stranger Things
  4. Grace and Frankie
  5. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
  6. Shameless

What are some titles you’re excited about watching? Please share!

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