3 Reasons Why We Stay Home to Watch Movies. #SomosFiOS

Disclosure: This post is part of a sponsored campaign with Verizon FIOS (#SomosFIOS).  All thoughts and opinions expressed here are 100% my own.

Thanks to the variety of TV channels Verizon FiOS has to offer, my family and I are able to watch just about anything we want, whenever we want. With over 300 channels to choose from including VOD (Video on Demand), SpeedMatch and our DVR, we don’t ever have to leave the house.

A few times a year we get to splurge and we go out to the movies but as a family of five, it’s not very often we get to do that for various reasons.

Fios Movies

Number one, it’s quite expensive. The movie alone would cost us over $50 and that’s not even including popcorn, nachos (we love nachos!), and a drink for everyone. We can easily spend about $100 if we all went to the movies and that is way too steep for our budget. I don’t know about you, but our budget is tight so it makes more sense to stay at home and watch whatever we want at a fraction of the cost.

Number two, it’s too time-consuming. The time it takes my kids to get ready is ridiculous. Between showering and deciding on an outfit, things can become crazy in the Perez household with one bathroom for three kids to share. And here I thought I took long to get ready!

Number three, we enjoy the convenience of watching movies in the comfort of our own home. We can change into our pjs, place some blankets on the floor with pillows and eat unlimited, yummy popcorn made with our convenient popcorn popper.

fios remote

So you see, watching movies at home isn’t so bad, especially when you have Verizon FiOS. With tons of channels to choose from, there’s always something for the whole family to watch and enjoy.

Right now, Verizon FiOS has a new offer currently on their Special Offers tab that is running until 7/19. For 79.99/month, you’ll get TV, Internet and phone plus a year of premium programming AND a $350 gift card.

Where can you get FREE CASH just by signing up for TV? Nowhere! That’s why you all should jump on that deal! Hurry, deal ends SOON!!


  1. angela saver says:

    We love to stay home & watch television & movies on Netflix! It’s so much cheaper than going to the movies too!

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