New Exhibit at AMNH ~ Opening April 4, 2015 ~ #LifeattheLimits: Stories of Amazing Species

My daughters and I were invited to a media preview to check out AMNH’s (The American Museum of Natural History in New York City) newest exhibit, Life at the Limits: Stories of Amazing Species.  And amazing they are!

Life at the Limits at AMNH

Let me ask you a few questions. What if you could hold your breath for up to two hours? Or even gulp down a snack 10 times your own weight? Or how about living in crushing depths where there is no sunlight to support any kid of life?

Do you think you would survive?

Yeah you’re right.  You wouldn’t. None of us would. But there are living creatures (microorganisms) that do survive.  Amazing I know!

These may sound like superpowers to humans, but somewhere on this planet, an organism is using one of these extraordinary talents to go about its daily tasks.

Lungfish at AMNH

Life at the Limits: Stories of Amazing Species, a new exhibition opening April 4 at the American Museum of Natural History in the LeFrak Family Gallery, offers a fascinating glimpse of the breathtaking diversity of the natural world and the power of natural selection to shape exceptional responses to the challenges, and opportunities, of life on Earth.

No matter how extraordinary certain plants and animals seem to us, their unusual features often address the most ordinary of tasks: To reproduce, breathe and move around. To sense the world. To find food and safety.

Interactive display. Sniff & Smell at AMNH

The new exhibit is simply amazingly incredible.  I can’t wait to visit again with my husband and son. They would absolutely love it.

Japanese Beetle at AMNH


You will learn so much about these never-before-seen creatures but at the museum you catch a true vision on how and where they live.

Axolotl at AMNH


There are tons to do in this one exhibit.  Your senses will go wild. One of the displays really intrigued me.  It was a beautiful flower called Rafflesia Arnoldii.

Rafflesia Flower at AMNH

It is found in the rainforests of Southeast Asia, which belong to a group of parasitic plants called corpse flowers. This plant has no stem, leaves, or roots and is barely visible when not in bloom. When it opens, it has the largest flower on the planet and emits a powerful odor of rotting meat to attract its pollinator of choice, carrion flies.

Giant Flower at AMNH

What’s cool is that there are a few interactive models which allows you to sniff the actual smell of the plant.  It was disgustingly fun to smell it.

Kids Zone at #LifeattheLimits


There’s a kids area that looked like a ton of fun. Kids were going crazy over seeing themselves on the big screen. My ten year old loved it.  You won’t want to miss this exhibit!

AMNH Indoor Cave


For more information about the museum, please be sure to visit them at:

Life at the Limits will be at the AMNH for a limited time!

Dates: April 4, 2015 – January 3, 2016
Times: Timed entry only.
Location: LeFrak Family Gallery, fourth floor


  1. Love learning about nature and all the different species!

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