{Review} Master Lock’s Portable Push Button Key Safe. Plus, 5 Tips to Keep Seniors (or anyone) Safe!

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With nearly 50 million citizens age 65 and older living in the U.S. and Canada, seniors represent one of the fastest growing population segments, but also a demographic commonly targeted for crime. As part of Master Lock’s ongoing commitment to keep consumers safe through every life stage, they are focusing on senior safety this month  by providing advice and product recommendations for keeping the seniors secure – be it themselves or an aging parent.

5 Tips To Keep Seniors (or anyone) Safe

1. Be Alert When Out and About: Property crimes represent the highest share of crimes against those 65 and older – nearly nine out of 10 – according to the National Elder Law Network. Master Lock recommends that seniors be alert and aware of their surroundings when out of the house and to keep valuables protected. For example, always lock cars, even if they’ll only be unattended for a few minutes. Keep packages and valuables out of sight, and always check the area around your car before entering or exiting. When out in public, women should wear their purses close to their body and men should carry their wallet in an inside coat or front pant pocket.

2. Lock Up Home Safety: Typically a place of comfort and refuge, seniors should never have to worry about safety in their own home. For added protection beyond traditional door and window locks, safeguard sliding glass and patio doors with the added strength of a Master Lock 265DCCSEN Door Security Bar and consider a home alarm system to alert against intruders. Keep doors locked both when you’re home and away, but allow access to a friend or family member in case of emergency by storing a spare key in a trusted key safe, such as the Master Lock 5422D Key Safe.

3. Secure Personal Items in a Group Home Environment: Misplaced or stolen belongings are a frequent complaint of nursing home residents. Keep valuables safe by storing them in an easy-to-use, locked safe that only you and a trusted companion know the combination to. Small items, such as credit cards, jewelry or cash, fit in the portable Master Lock 5900D SafeSpace, while larger items, like documents or memorabilia, can be stored in a fire-resistant safe from Sentry Safe.

4. Protect Against Identity Theft: Mature consumers (ages 50 and over) represent the largest demographic of identity theft victims, according to the Federal Trade Commission. Why? Consumers in this age group typically have more assets than younger consumers, making them ideal targets.

Reduce your risk by never carrying your social security card; shredding documents that contain any identifying information; keeping personal information such as bank statements, Medicare statements and social security numbers in a locked safe; and storing credit card numbers in a safe location for easy retrieval if they’re lost or stolen. The Master Lock Vault – a free, digital safe deposit box – is a secure, reliable location for storing credit card numbers and digital copies of important documents for easy access from any smart phone or computer.

5. Think Twice Before Divulging Personal Information: Seniors are also major targets of fraud, such as telemarketing scams, according to the American Association of Retired Persons. Follow the general rule of thumb that if an offer seems too good to be true, it probably is. Never rush into signing anything, and never give your credit card, Social Security, Medicare or bank account details to anyone over the phone. When in doubt, check with the Better Business Bureau or police.

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Mastor Lock's Push Button Portable Key Safe

Master Lock’s Push Button Portable Key Safe

Product Details

The Master Lock No. 5422D Portable Push Button Key Safe features a 3-1/8in (79mm) wide metal body for durability. The shackle design offers over the door mounting for convenience. Set your own 4 character combination for keyless convenience and increased security. The protective weather cover prevents freezing and jamming; and molded bumper and vinyl coated shackle prevent scratching. The Limited Lifetime Warranty provides peace of mind from a brand you can trust.

Product Features

  • Portable key safe provides secure storage of keys or access cards
  • Convenient push button locking mechanism in familiar alpha / numeric telephone keypad format
  • Set your own combination using up to 12 letters, numbers, or both
  • Large buttons for ease of use, even in low light conditions
  • 3-1/8in (79mm) Wide durable metal construction
  • Large internal cavity and removable key hook prevents jamming
  • Molded bumper and vinyl coated shackle prevents scratches to your door
  • Protective weather cover prevents freezing and jamming

Our Thoughts

I opted to review Master Lock’s Portable Push Button Key Safe simply because my kids tend to forget their keys at home. Therefore it leaves my husband or myself having to leave work early to let them in. But what a nuisance that can be!

Master Lock Portable Key Safe

The Master Lock Portable Key Safe is perfect for our family. It’s a weather-proof safe that holds a couple of keys and other small necessities you may need. It’s easy to install and will fit almost any door knob.  I love that I can set up my own combination of letters, numbers and characters.  It’s easy for the kids to use as well.  Having this portable key safe really puts me in a state of relief knowing that my kids won’t be locked out of the house again especially since we’ve had way too many below-freezing temperature days.

Master Lock Portable Key SafeI would highly recommend this Portable Push Button Key Safe to any family. I’ve trusted the Master Lock brand for years (since junior high school!) and I’m so grateful they have created this key safe for families so that they can feel safe and have peace of mind.

About Master Lock:

Master Lock is recognized around the world as the authentic, enduring name in padlocks and security products. Since our founding in 1921, we have worked hard to earn and maintain the trust of our customers by delivering on our promise of strength and quality and by continually setting new standards for lock design, application and performance. As the largest global manufacturer and marketer of padlocks, we continue to build our founder’s passion for innovation, quality, and compelling value into our expanding lines of security solutions. Master Lock is a part of The Master Lock Company.


  1. Sandy Cain says:

    This is a super item. I am always worried when my old mom is home alone. Queens is really turning into rat city, I want to move back to the Bronx!!!!

  2. Janet W. says:

    These are all great tips. I worry now that I’m a target because my husband and I are in our 60’s now.

  3. Julie Wood says:

    I like this mini safe to help keep my items safe. My elderly Father lives with me and it is so true that making sure seniors are safe is very important. I would love one of these cute Push button key safe.

  4. It is so important to protect against identity theft!

  5. Brenda Haines says:

    In this day and age, I think everyone should have one of these!

  6. I really need one of these. I’m always forgetting my keys somewhere, and then my husband locks the door behind us when we leave, and I don’t realize until we get home and I’m trying to walk in the door. It’s bad, I’m pretty sure it happens roughly 1 in 4 times we go anywhere.

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