Getting Gorgeous 2013 was Fantabulous, As Usual!

Getting Gorgeous is one of the hottest beauty events around, if you ask me. I had the privilege of attending Getting Gorgeous at the Metropolitan Pavilion in New York City just a few weekends ago.

It’s one of those beauty events that are invite-only and if you got an invitation, you know you were in for a real treat. They only invite about 150 bloggers so I was beyond excited when I received my tickets for this event.

Since I’m a full-time working mom who works outside of the home, these events don’t come by too often so I take these events very seriously. 😉 It’s time set aside just for me (it’s my mommy time) and a time to socialize with my blogging friends that I haven’t seen in a long time. Plus, it’s a time to get to know brands on a personal level.


Vera and Audrey really did great when they closed the deal with these brands. Although they were all fantastic, among the brands that were present, my favorites were:

CVS Beauty – If I tell you how many times I visit my local CVS for just “things” during the week, you would laugh. I’m forever at CVS either getting my prescription refilled, buying shampoo, the latest nail polish or even just to get the newspaper. It’s my number one go-to store for just about anything. Maybe I should just get a job at CVS. =)

Bacardi Light – I don’t usually drink but when I do drink, I like my drinks to be fruity and refreshing. Having a drink that is low-cal is just the tip of the iceberg. Bacardi’s new drinks were tasty and very refreshing. You’d never know it was only 95 calories.


Downy and Tide – I have 3 kids, two pets and a husband — Enough said! I will ALWAYS NEED these two products in my life!

New Balance – I LOVE New Balance shoes! When I was a teen, I had a pair of sneakers that I loved so much, I bought two of the same kind. One in black and the other in white.  Their new shoes, WELL2GO Ballet Flats are to die for. They’re so cute and so versatile. You can pair them with some capris, shorts or even a sporty dress. With Summer coming up, I cannot wait to buy a pair!

Coolibar – Having SPF embedded onto your clothing is awesome! To me, it’s a mom’s best friend. It’s just something you don’t have to think about. Just make sure the skin showing is protected with sunscreen and you can go about your day.


Dial for Kids – My little one just loves soaps that smell like fruits. When I brought the Body + Hair Wash home, she loved them. The best part is that there’s was no need for another bottle. You can just use the 2-in-1 for every part of your child’s body, including their hair.  They come in three different scents; Peachy Clean, Berry Cool and Watery Melon.

Thyme Maternity – Visiting this booth was not meant for me so don’t get any thoughts! lol. I was visiting this booth for my coworker who’s six months pregnant and I’m so glad I did. They were so nice. They were full of information and they answered all of my questions. I just wish I knew about them when I was pregnant with my son in 96′.

But anyway, stay tuned for my buddy’s review of the Soothing Therapy Stretch Mark Cream coming up on the blog!


Foster Grant – I fell in love with these sunglasses. They’re affordable, hip, cool, and they protect you from the harmful sun rays. Really loved the ones I was paired up with.

Haute Tags – These tags are HOT! Just think of the dog tags the military personnel wear when they are out on the field. Well for us social media mavens, these are PERFECT! A simple way to network or just start a conversation. I can’t wait to get one of these!

Thank you so very much Vera and Audrey for the opportunity to attend this awesome event. I had a blast, as always, and look forward to the next one!! You girls are FANTABULOUS!

Not only did I connect with some wonderful brands, I got to see my blogging buddies too! That made for a perfect day!

Disclosure: I was invited to attend this event. No compensation was received. A gift bag was given at the end of the event.


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