A Thousand Years Younger.

Today’s my birthday.

I’m a thousand years younger – according to my 7 year old.

It’s actually something she said when I came home last Thursday from getting my hair highlighted, cut and straighten. As soon as I got home, she shouted, “Mommy, you look a thousand years younger”!

I thought that was so cute. My kids rarely see me with my hair straighten. Honestly, I rarely get my hair done professionally. The last time I went to a salon was over a year ago. After I get my hair done, I vow to get it cut at least twice a year instead of once every one- two years.

So how old am I? I can tell you how old I feel.

I feel about 27! =}

But unfortunately I’m not. I’m actually 38 years old. Wow! I don’t even think I act like a 38 year old but then again, how am I supposed to act like? An old lady? NOT! Lol

I’m two years to forty and I’m ok with that. As long as I have my health, my lovely, healthy kids and family – I’m good.I’ll stop talking about my age and I’ll show you what my hair was like before my haircut.

Here is the before:
Here’s the after:
It’s still long but I’m loving the layers.

So how often do you get your hair done at a salon? Are you like me?


  1. I turned 38 this year also. I agree, I dont feel anyway like an old lady 🙂

    Happy Birthday! Nice hair cut. I need to cut mine also
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  2. Your kiddo is the best. That is so true and sweet! You look beautiful! I love your hair curly and straight. Happy belated birthday by the way!!!!!! Xoxoxo muah!
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  3. Happy birthday Lisa! I hope you have a fab day… and your hairs looks beautiful 🙂
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