From New York to San Francisco: Pixar Studios, Footage of Brave & La Luna! #DisneyPixarEvent


Last week, I attended the Disney/Pixar Press Event  in sunny San Francisco and it still feels like a dream.  As I look at all the photos I took, my mind is going a mile a minute from all that we did in just three short days.


Upon my arrival at SFO (San Francisco Airport), I met with other bloggers in a van to head straight to our “home” for the next few days, Hotel Palomar.  Once we got to the hotel, I couldn’t wait to visit Pixar Studios but thank goodness we had about an hour to kill to eat a little something, unpack a bit and take a break.

I have to be honest, I had butterflies in my stomach just thinking about our itinerary.  Disney/Pixar had a very busy, but fun schedule for us bloggers but I was beyond ready.

When we arrived to Pixar Studios, I was in awe. Just the beauty of the Pixar Studios sign was captivating.

Pixar Studios Sign

Inside Pixar Studios

Once we were in the building, we were instructed to leave our phones and cameras at the front desk outside their own private movie theater.  Talk about high security! Pixar Studios is careful to not let anything leak out before their movies are finished.

Right before “LA LUNA” started, everyone “oohed and aahed” at the shooting stars in the starry ceiling. It was simply amazing and magical.

But isn’t everything Disney and Pixar amazing and magical? I think so.


The short film, LA LUNA, was spectacular! Even without language that we can fully understand, you can still tell what they were saying to one another. And check out the little boy’s eyes in the picture above. What do you see?

You won’t be disappointed in this six-minute film. It was definitely a pleasure to watch right before catching an exclusive footage of BRAVE and I’m sure it will become a big hit.


We were able to see the first 34-minutes of BRAVE (it’s not 100% ready) but let me tell you, it wasn’t enough.  It left me wanting more.  I don’t know about you but I have loved every single Pixar movie that was ever created.  And I’m not just saying it because Disney & Pixar invited me to this press event.  What can I say? It brings out the kid in me and Pixar films are great for the whole family.

I tell ya, June 22nd can’t come fast enough!

After our time at Pixar Studios, we  had a wonderful dinner under the real starry skies, in a building by the name of Brooklyn. As a New York girl, I thought that was pretty cool.

Stay tuned for Day Two —  “From New York to San Francisco: Kilts, Archery, Bagpipes & MORE!” (& lots more posts to come!) of the #DisneyPixarEvent! Catch all the tweets on Twitter by following the hashtag #DisneyPixarEvent.

Don’t forget to read my first official post and see all the movie previews as well!

Disclosure: Disney provided an all-expense paid trip from New York to San Fransisco, California for three days of pure excitement and enjoyment. All opinions are all my own, as always. But c’mon, how could anyone say no to a trip like this? THANK YOU DISNEY!


  1. This seems like such a fun trip! I’d love to see those stars. Anything Disney does is magical to me. Thanks so much for sharing this cool recap of your magical adventure!
    Sili recently posted..It’s PaWii Time!!!!

  2. Wow sounds amazing! San Fran is such a beautiful city, they’re lucky to have you cover this event! Looking forward to hearing about the rest of your trip.
    Rachel recently posted..Hunger Hits Home, A Documentary On The Food Network

    • I wrote this post last nite and I’m still trying to find the right words for the next one! LOL I had a wonderful time girl. Wish you were there! Thx for commenting 🙂

  3. I saw a bit of the trailer for Brave and I’m dying to see it too. I loved Tangled, even though it took me forever to see it, lol.

    Sounds like it was an amazing trip. 🙂
    Isolated Existence recently posted..A Much Needed LOL.

  4. Everything looks so cool,sounds like it was a great event. San fran is my favorite place.

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