Wordless Wednesday: That’s What Friends Are For

New Job Greeting CardLast week I had a “bad” day at work and when I got home that night, I received this greeting card from a very good friend of mine.  Needless to say, it brighten up my day.  It made a bad day into a wonderful day.

And that’s what friends are for.

Happy Wednesday everyone!!


  1. Yup – they pick us up when we are down 🙂

  2. That was very sweet! I rely on my friends for everything 🙂

  3. Thats super sweet! Aww! Xo
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  4. Those little things (that are really big things) can mean so much to us and I’ve always tried to keep an awareness of the effect of my actions on those I care about, especially my kids. You never know what kind word or gesture can have such a huge impact. My kids, now young adults, have told me about some little thing I said ir did when they were younger that they never forgot (and most of the time it was years ago and I don’t even remember). Kindness is so very powerful.

    It’s nice of you to share this act of kindness (and a good reminder to me).

  5. how sweet! I am glad your not sad anymore;)
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