We Remember – 10 Years Later – 9/11/11

The first time I wrote about 9/11 was in 2009.  It was my second year of blogging.  The last post happened the following year in 2010.  This year marks the tenth anniversary of the tragedy that made America stronger, unfortunately.

Do you remember where you were on that horrible day?

Like many people, I remember it so well.  It was my son’s first day of school. My husband and I were first-time homeowners for a full four months. It was a new beginning for us.  I never thought in a hundred years that day would also be America’s worst nightmare.

Every year since 2001, I watch the tribute on Fox 5 and I cry every year. I don’t watch the whole tribute because it’s too much for me to handle.  I didn’t know anyone who died and I’m grateful for that.  But I know many people who lost loved ones. I hurt for them. I hurt for those who lost loved ones and always will.

NYC Skyline

But we all have to remember that we can’t let our guard down. America is hated by many people and it’s sad that we always have to be on the look out for something suspicious.  For a New Yorker, it isn’t hard to be that way because that’s how we were taught.  My parents would always tell me, Be careful, ’cause you never know.

And that’s exactly how I am today.

If you have any stories to share, please share it in a comment.

God Bless America!


  1. Thanks for sharing your story. It’s hard to watch the whole tribute though I did watch a lot of it this morning. My story is in my latest posts and I think we all feel the same way in that we’ll never forget those lost and affected on that tragic day.
    Bicultural Mama recently posted..9/11 Fate – A New Yorker’s Personal Perspective

    • Thanks for reading my story. Even if people or the press said nothing about 9/11, I will never forget. Do you think it should be a national holiday? I think so.

  2. Hard to believe it was 10 years ago. Doesn’t seem so long doesn’t it. I only read about the tributes. Can’t watch it on TV either. Thanks for sharing your story.

    And yes, it should be a national holiday. IMO, I always thought that start school shouldn’t start before 9-11 to let families especially the children spend that day without having to worry about anything else.
    Isolated Existence. recently posted..Memories: Sept. 11 10th Anniversary.

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