I’m a Mom to a 15-Year-old!

Birthday candles

So I’m officially a mom of a 15-year old. Well technically it won’t be until 10:17 pm.

How did that happen? It was just yesterday that I was holding him in my arms at the young age of 21.

I was a young mom but I definitely had the motherly instincts when it came to caring for my baby. Maybe it’s because I’ve always loved kids.

I remember vividly when I was in third grade, I mentioned to my teacher that I wanted to have my first baby at 21 and I wanted a boy because my family was filled with females.  She said yes Lisa that is very nice but you must go to college first then you can start a family.

And I did just that.

But who would’ve thought that my “dream” would actually come true?

Motherhood hasn’t been the easiest thing to handle. I can tell you plenty of stories where I have failed. I guess all parents do at one point or another.

I can honestly say that I have not been the greatest mother but at least I try. I have said many things that I am not too fond of but in reality I’m glad that my son knows his mother loves him dearly.

We even had the same pajamas!

He’s my first-born, my only son. He was and still is his father’s baby boy too.

With his mustache and very hairy legs (lol!), he’s no longer a baby but he will always be “my” baby.

Happy birthday son. May all your hopes and dreams come true!  Mama loves you!


  1. Aw! Happy birthday!! My baby’s b-day is tomorrow. Virgos!

  2. que sweet! you look fantastic with a newborn…. i hope to look that great when i have babies (which mami is finally asking me about!)

  3. Happy Birthday to your son! Wow, time passes by so quickly. I remember when he was just a boy. You have two men in the house now. 🙂

    Looking at that picture you haven’t changed much! It reminds me of the first picture I took with my daughter, we were about to leave the hospital. I was about to turn 21 when I had my first. I look at her now and I feel so old, lol.
    Isolated Existence recently posted..Track Irene’s Path.

  4. That’s a beautiful pic! Absolutely gorgeous, and you have that “motherly glow” about you. Love this post. Short, but definitely sweet. 🙂
    Laurita recently posted..The Cause Goes to the Big Apple!

  5. Happy Birthday!
    Maybelline @ Naturalmente Mamá recently posted..Miércoles Mudo – Bisabuela y Bisnieto

  6. Oh, how sweet is that picture! Happy Birthday to the Quinceañero!
    Liz recently posted..The wonder of D23!

  7. awwwwwwwwwwww happy birthday! love the photo 🙂
    Lisa Quinones-Fontanez recently posted..Few Words Wednesday: My Little Speller

  8. Such a beautiful picture of the both of you! Happy Belated Birthday to you son! 🙂
    Patty @A Day in My NYC recently posted..My Hour in Withdrawal

  9. Awww. That’s a wonderful photo of you two. (belated) Happy birthday to your son and congratulations to you for taking care of him these past 15 years. You deserve the greeting, too.
    Sheila recently posted..CNA Training

  10. Beautiful! You, the baby, the story…

    We all fail miserably sometimes…but we keep trying.

    Carrie recently posted..Tech-Free Day. Need Do-Over

  11. That picture and story are really precious. Happy belated to your not so little boy.

  12. The picture is priceless! How time flies huh? Happy birthday to your baby boy!
    jai recently posted..Fashion Friday: Maternity Wear

  13. Happy Birthday! You look beautiful in the picture. 🙂
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  14. Happy belated birthday to your son! I don’t think 21 is that young to have kids (although you look like you’re 12 in that photo!). I was already married and owned a house by the time I was 21. Kids came a couple of years later 😉
    Mariana recently posted..Fooz Kids – a safer way to surf the net [review]

  15. I love your photo. Happy birthday to your son!
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  16. Hi Lisa. Happy Birthday to you both!!! I used to think that I wanted to get married, and maybe have children at 30… but life decided otherwise and when I turned 21 I had two beautiful babies. Now, Eduardo is 31, and Morena is 30… and yes, they will be my babies forever.

  17. Aww! Happy Birthday to your big boy! You are a great mom!
    Rachel recently posted..Win Tickets To A Private Screening in NYC of FOX’s New Series NEW GIRL!

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