MVP #GenerationGo: Creative Recreation (& a $50 VISA Gift Card Giveaway!)

Like I said before, I’m one of  the MVP Generation Go Ambassadors and my job is to bring you helpful and healthy tips so you and your family can live a better life, or at least try.

For the past few weeks, I’ve been posting different ways on how you can keep your whole family active and healthy by eating right and exploring your community.

This week’s topic is Creative Recreation.

Creative Recreation is very important for the growth and development of recognition in every culture of the world.  Play is important for promoting capabilities and social awareness within children.

There are lots of ways for children to stay active, even in their own backyards.

Here are ways my kids stay active:

1) Basketball:  A few months ago, my husband came home with a basketball hoop for our backyard and it has become a family affair.  We all go outside after dinner and we each take turns dribbling the ball and trying to make hoops.   I’m not much of a sports girl but what surprised me was that I’m almost as good as my husband.  I surprised myself plus my kids — that alone makes me proud.  And they call me old. HA!

2) Scooter:  My 6-year-old daughter has A LOT of energy, sometimes too much.  With all that energy, I’m glad she has a scooter to burn all that energy off.  She loves it.  She’s also allowed to play inside since it’s a small scooter and doesn’t take up much room when she’s riding up and down the hallway.

3) Bubbles: Who doesn’t love bubbles? Even as an adult, I love to play with bubbles.  It’s an activity that requires some running (of course, you’ve got to chase the bubbles to pop them) and some creativity. My kids love to see who blows the biggest bubble.

4) Bike Riding: Obviously, we all know that bike riding is one of the best activities to do.  It keeps you fit, strengthens your legs and gets your heart-rate going.  The only bad thing is trying to get my son into it.  He’s not much of a bike fan but we’re still trying.

5) Water: It’s nature’s free-play.  You can do so many things with water. Since we don’t have a pool, we play with the water hose.  It’s fantastic for those hot, humid days — Grab a hose and just start spraying.  It’s a great way to cool off and burn some calories.  How? By running away from the person who’s holding the hose! lol


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  1. Joanne Schultz says:

    When we were young, we had a pool in the backyard. It was a great way for us to get some exercise and have fun.
    A lot of communities have town pools – keep the kids active, outside, and having fun AND staying cool – what could be better!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

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  5. jessica daniel says:

    I take my kids and dogs to the park so that they can with each other and i can take super cute pictures 🙂

  6. I keep my kids active by getting them into swimming classes during the summer and they play soccer and other sports throughout the year.

  7. Paula Myers says:

    My kids love for my husband and I to be involved in their activities.

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  11. The best way to keep my kids active is to take them on the hike and bike trail across the street from our house to walk, run or bike!

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  17. Heather W says:

    My kids love doing chalk outside

  18. tina demarco says:

    take them to the park often to play and exercise

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  22. Swimming is the best way to keep my kids active.

  23. I’m lucky that I don’t have to persuade them to be active, they love to be. I get them active by playing sports with them and taking long walks and bike rides together.

  24. Emma Peel says:

    take them to a park and ride bikes

  25. Get them into sports they like 🙂

  26. Jumping in the pool is the best way in summer!

  27. Susan Smith says:

    I make them turn off their computers and TV’s and we all take a walk to the park and play on the playgeound and run around.

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    Like the MVP GenerationGo Fan page and add your favorite place (s) to stay local, hold family activities and where to explore within your community tip comment there Susan Smith

  32. Susan Smith says:
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  34. Susan Smith says:
  35. Susan Smith says:
  36. We go out every evening and take a walk around the lake by our house 🙂

  37. The best way to keep kids active is to lead by example and make the entire family active by doing an activity together.

  38. Well we have an above ground pool and trampoline in the back yard and they usually give both good daily workouts with their friends

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  45. Playing outside when its nice!

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  47. Shantesa Durden says:

    We have a trampolin in the back yard that my kids love so I take them outside and let them enjoy time simply jumping around. My kids also love riding their bikes so we talk walks around the neighborhood, whole I’m walking I let them ride their bikes. it’s also great family time to.

  48. Thanks for the giveaway…keeping the kids active in the summer is easy, we pack them off to the pool. During the school year the kids have organized sports that they participate in…oh, and no TV during the weekdays !

    senorpiero [at] yahoo [dot] com