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Champion Shapewear

I have a huge confession to make here. It’s something I don’t tell people very often and it’s something I haven’t spoken to my husband about but I’ve decided to share this dreadful confession with you, my lovely readers.


Because I desperately want to try to lose at least 20-25 pounds.  So here it goes….

I’m overweight.

For those of you who have met me in person, you may be (possibly) saying, nah, Lisa’s not overweight, but if you look below — I am.


I’m 5’2 and I weigh about 150 – give or take.  I say give or take because I haven’t weighed myself in a few months and 150 was the last weight I saw on the doctor’s scale.  For some folks, my weight may be fine but for a short person like myself, it’s not.

My diet isn’t the greatest either. I don’t always eat the right foods and I tend to eat all the “bad” foods. Fried foods are not my biggest weakness. My biggest problem is that I’m a carboholic.  There’s isn’t a carb that I don’t like. From breads to pasta to rice – I love it all. And we all know that carbohydrates bloat us and makes us gain weight.

Since my husband knows I’m unhappy with my weight, he went ahead and bought me a bike.  I rode it a few times around the neighborhood but since I wasn’t comfortable with the clothing I had on, I haven’t rode it since.

So when Champion contacted me to review their new shapewear clothing line, as part of the “Shape Your Life” Blogger Ambassador program, I jumped at the chance.

As part of the program, I was sent a questionnaire to help pick out the perfect workout attire to fit my lifestyle. Since I’m a beginner in working out and mainly walk (soon will be bike riding) for my exercise, a Champion stylist picked out the perfect wardrobe for me.

Champion hit my style on the nail.  They sent me SHAPE™ capris, pants, a comfy t-shirt, a sweater and more.  I love it! It’s just my style.

Champion Shapewear is perfect!

Yesterday, I decided to wear the shapewear capris along with the Smoothing Long Top underneath my t-shirt. I wanted to be extra comfortable while school shopping with my children.

Champion Shapewear CaprisThe Smoothing Knee Capris provides:

  • Inner power-mesh panels streamline your hips, thighs, and tummy.
  • Silky Double Dry™ fabric wicks sweat, keeps you cool and dry.
  • Extra knit-in stretch gives you flexible ease of movement.
  • Tag-free contoured waist provides super-comfortable fit. (Has hidden inner pocket for keys and coins.)
  • 17-inch inseam, with sleek fitted styling, non-binding leg-bands, and non-chafe contoured seams.
  • BODY: 87% supplex/13% Lycra® spandex. POWER-MESH: 85% nylon/15% spandex

If you have a belly pouch like me (thanks to my 2 c-sections!), then you’ll want/need something like the Champion SHAPE™ to hold you in. The capris did just that. It features tummy controls and side panels to hold everything in your mid-section in.  It keeps you cool and dry as well.  It was a complete pleasure shopping at the mall with my kids, a task I dread doing every year. But since I was beyond comfortable, I didn’t mind.

The Smoothing Long Top was very flattering (it didn’t flatten my boobs, lol) and it held my lady parts in very well.  The built-in bra was very comfortable.  It was a bit difficult to put on at first but after it was on, it fit like a glove. I wish I had at least 5 of these tops because I can literally wear them every day.  The top didn’t ride up and tighten my tummy to make me look like I lost a few inches. The top definitely boosted my self-esteem and confidence.

Champion Shapewear Long TopThe Smoothing Long Top provides:

  • Inner power-mesh panels shape and smooth torso and tummy…yet never restrict your freedom.
  • Silky Double Dry® fabric wicks sweat, keeps you cool and dry.
  • Extra knit-in stretch allows flexible ease of movement.
  • Stretchy inner bra provides Medium Support.
  • Contoured non-chafe seams flatter your feminine curves.
  • Stay-put racer-back straps.
  • BODY: 87% supplex/13% Lycra® spandex. POWER-MESH: 85% nylon/15% spandex

Champion Shapewear is perfect for any type of exercise.  It targets your problem areas so that you stay smoothed and shaped in all the right places during your walk or workout and makes you feel great – all at the same time.

Wish me luck on my weight loss journey! 😉


Right now, Champion USA is running a great sale you should not miss on their site. Buy 1, get 1 for 50% off. Plus, free shipping with any order above $125.

**Shapewear prices will run in the $30 and up range.

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Disclosure: As part of the ‘Shape Your Life’ Blogger Ambassador Program, I received Champion Shapewear clothing for review.  Although I am compensated for my time,  all opinions expressed here are my own.


  1. Very cool! How much do they go for? Thanks for sharing your confession. Best of luck in getting in shape. You can do it 🙂

  2. I desperately need one of these! My high school reunion is coming up!

  3. The hardest part is taking that first step. I actually feel like exercising when I have cute gear to wear. It makes me feel like “OK, I’m gonna do this!” haha
    rachel recently posted..battle cry

  4. So here’s the deal. This is a great post. I use Champion for the very reasons you stated above. I only buy tag free contoured waists for my exercise pants which prevent the chichos, I use wicking tech because I sweat like an animal, and I use long, stream lined shirts (I like my shirts to hug my hips, so I don’t have to worry about my alma showing with my yoga pants on. )

    While you work out, you don’t want to be self conscious and worried about what you look like. You only want to focus on your breath, your form, and how your body feels. Taking that component of worry out of the picture is the best thing you could do as you begin on your journey.

    You are gorgeous Lisa, and I think you look awesome, but the person you most have to please is yourself. So you have my 100% support on your fitness journey chica!!!

    All my best,
    Li recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: Law & Order

  5. Good luck with the weight loss chica! I’m on my own journey in this dept. too! I think it’s nice to have something that you can look cute in while you work out because it gives you that extra bit of self assurance when everyone else is thin as a rail…lol
    Chantilly Patino recently posted..Blogalicious: Changing the World, One Blog Post at a Time

  6. You look great! I’d love to try out the new Champion Shapewear – I had 3 c-sections! lol

  7. Indeed, the first step is the hardest and you’ve taken it. I have a firm philosophy at this stage in my life: whatever it takes. OK, within reason. But if looking good is what motivates you to do real cardio that breaks a sweat 4 days a week, then go for it! You’ll be happier and most important, healthier. ¡Adelante!
    The Wise Latina Club recently posted..HuffPo Latino Voices: Why This “Colombiana” Is Going to Watch Colombiana

  8. What a great idea to create clothes to make you confident while you work towards a healthy body! Good luck on your journey to a healthier you =)
    Carla recently posted..How Do You Talk to Young Children About Death?

  9. I want the capris! I need to get my nalgas back in the gym but hate running alongside the skinny girls who’d disappear if they turned sideways. Part of the problem is that I can never find really comfortable exercise clothing, so I’m definitely going to try these out!
    Maura at The Other Side of The Tortilla recently posted..AGUA FRESCA: Agua de melón

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