A Kleenex Field Trip at the Amercian Museum of Natural History (AMNH)

I grew up visiting the American Museum of Natural History.  The museum has a special place in my heart not only because I enjoy visiting every year but because my first visit to the museum happened when I was just six-years-old.  It was my very first field trip with my first grade class.

It’s funny, my daughter is now six-years-old and I remembered my first visit through her eyes.  So for me, it’s a nostalgic feeling each and every time I visit.

Last Thursday, my kids and I visited the American Museum of Natural History, thanks to the Motherhood and Kleenex, in honor of bringing back school field trips.

As everyone knows, due to the economy, schools have suffered many budget cuts and sadly field trips are one of them.  Kleenex will be supporting 100 schools all over the United States by donating $5,000 to each of those schools. That’s $500,000 for field trips alone!  The funds will be given to those schools who get the most votes so enter your child’s school for a chance to have field trips back into their educational curriculum.

The Motherhood gathered a bunch of New York bloggers to help support this great cause.  Here’s the fantastic list of bloggers who joined together:  @babymeetscity @theculturemom @IssaMas @MommasGoneCity @MacaroniKidNYC @SeriouslySoupy @LoveThatMax @NYCityMama @thisfullhouse @veepveep @JenRab

After we gathered for a group photo, we headed to the Frogs: A Chorus of Color exhibit. There we saw the most beautiful frogs I ever laid my eyes on. The most poisonous frogs, which is the Dart Poison Frog, seemed to be the most beautiful one in color. They’re so vibrant and yet they look like toys.

After watching the frogs being fed, we were darted off to see the World’s Largest Dinosaur exhibit, which is one of the newest exhibit at the museum. This exhibit goes beyond traditional fossil shows to  reveal how dinosaurs actually lived by taking visitors into the amazing anatomy of a uniquely super-sized group of dinosaurs: the long-necked and long-tailed sauropods, which ranged in size from 15 to 150 feet long.

My daughter even pretended to be a paleontologist for a few minutes.

My kiddies


After our tour, we were given a delicious lunch in a private room and we were allowed to stay and explore the museum with our families, which we did.

I want to thank The Motherhood for involving my family and I on a very important subject. Because of our local budget cuts, fields trips were dramatically decreased in the past few years.

I would love to see my children’s schools have much more field trips rather than just one field trip a year in their near future.  Also, thanks to The Kleenex Field Trips Campaign for teaching my kids the importance of school field trips.  We had a blast at our favorite museum!

Disclosure: Kleenex Field Trips is a campaign coordinated by The Motherhood. Kleenex sponsored our admission to the American Museum of Natural History. Lunch was provided to us at no cost. I am receiving compensation for my involvement in the campaign but all opinions expressed here are my own.


  1. How fun! We were just there last year : )
    Caryn B recently posted..Rockin’ Back to School…Eco-Style *Giveaway*

    • Love it there. It’s my favorite place. I think the next time I go, will be without kiddies and make it a date night for hubby and me 😉

  2. It is nice to sometimes discover the child in us plus this is also a way for us to teach our children about the different animals and creatures that have roamed planet earth.
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