Perfect Pairing: Frito-Lays and Delectable Dips with Friends

Last week, my daughters and I ventured out to Suzanne’s place in Queens, N.Y. to meet up with some of the New York based bloggers for a get-together sponsored by Frito-Lays.  Any meet-up with chips accompanied by some delectable dips are always a good thing when paired together, in my opinion.

If you haven’t noticed, last week’s weather was brutal with temps hitting high 90’s and feeling like triple digits but thankfully Suzanne had a water table out and a bouncy house for the kiddies and central a/c in her home, where the moms hung out most of the time.

My little one was very excited about all the fun when I mentioned the bouncy house.  I was more excited about tasting everyone’s dip creation and having some “mommy me” time as well.

It’s always nice to get together with great friends, good conversation and of course, yummy food.  The day couldn’t have been better.

Let me start by saying that Suzanne was a superb host.  She welcomed 3 bloggers and their kids into her lovely home and treated us all like we were old friends. She made us feel right at home. And OMG, her kitchen is amazing! Kimberly and I kept raving about her kitchen. She designed it and her husband built it. How cool is that?

But I digress.

Suzanne, aka the perfect host,  also made sure the mom bloggers were not hungry by making some tasty pesto burgers (recipe from Giada De Laurentiis) and served nitrate-free hot dogs for the kids, that were especially loved by my daughter. On top of that, she made homemade Guacamole (delish!) and a spinach dip that was surprisingly good (I don’t care for spinach too much).  There was an over abundance of food for sure!  We didn’t mind.  I think it’s safe to say that we’re all foodies and love to eat.

I brought a Mexican 5-Layer Dip, which I often make when I have company over that is extremely easy to make and I paired it along with the Tostitos Scoops.

Lauren also brought a Mexican Dip but it was a fancy 7-Layer Dip.  It was very tasty with fresh veggies on top.  The dip went really well with the Fritos Scoops chips.

Kimberly brought two types of delicious Mango Peach Salsas; one with a kick and one without the kick. The kick turned out to be vinegar, which was the dip that everyone preferred the most.  Her husband also liked that one better, which brought along some laughs among us.  I can’t wait to make that one for sure.

The Frito-Lays “Perfect Pairing” New York Meet-up was a complete blast!  It was like old friends meeting up for the one hundredth time. The time flew by before we even knew it.

Don’t we look hungry? lol

A huge thanks to The Motherhood for making this meet-up happen and for Frito-Lays for sponsoring the event.  A special thanks goes out to Lauren & Suzanne for providing the photos used in this post. I forgot to charge my camera’s batteries so I could not take any pictures. :/

Lisa’s EASY 5-Layer Mexican Dip


1-Can of Refried Beans

Jar of Mild Thick & Chunky Salsa (more or less)

All Natural Wholly Guacamole (2-7oz packages)

1-16oz Container of Sour Cream

1-Bag of Shredded Taco Cheese (2-cups)


This recipe works best in a 9X7 Purex Container.

Place beans on bottom.  You can warm it in the microwave if you like.  Then add the salsa right on top. Next, add Guacamole on top and spread it.  Then add the sour cream. Spread it.  Lastly, sprinkle the cheese (the whole bag) on top of the sour cream.  Refrigerate overnight.  Serve with tortilla or corn chips.  Serves 6-12.

Easy, peasy! No Mashing, no cooking. Just buy, open and spread onto the pan! 🙂

Check out Kimberly’s , Lauren’s and Suzanne’s post from the meet-up. 

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That’s it!  Ends August 8th!

Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post brought to you by TheMotherhood and the Lay’s brand.


  1. Oooooh that recipe doesn’t have meat in it! Maybe I’ll make that for myself then! Those pictures are delectable. I wish I could eat stuff like that. Unfortunately (fortunately eventually) I’m on a very strict diet of only vegetables.

  2. I loved your dip…and (as always!) your company. We ALL learned a few things, didn’t we? I’m still shaking my head over what some people (no one at our event!) will do to “get ahead”.

    • I’m telling you. I was shocked and surprised too! And thank you. It’s always a hit when I make it for my crowd. Loved your company as well. Always nice to play “catch up.”

  3. I am still dying over your amazing cupcakes… your dip was delish as well but if you ever need a second career you can give those other cupcake “queens” a run for their money! xoxo

  4. WOW! Everything looks amazing. And just making me want chips and dip right now! LOL That is the kind of blogger meet up I need to attend 🙂

  5. Mmmmmmm…looks delish!

  6. Looks like you all found a great way to beat the heat! Yummy dips too!

  7. How fun! It’s always an official party when there are chips and people 🙂

  8. All the dips look lovely…. I liked the spinach dip….. 7 layer bean dip is always a must have.

  9. I make a very similar dip that is always a hit. I just put the cheese on top of the beans when they are hot so it will melt.

    Getting together with fun women and eating is always fun as far as I’m concerned.

  10. as a i child, i used to eat these all the time with frito lays bean dip! sooo good. not sure I’d do it now, but it sure could be a good party teaser!

  11. GRRRRR. It’s after 10 and this post has my mouth watering! Love your easy-breezy recipe for a gal on the run like me. I see myself whipping it up in minutes, chilling, and bringing it to a w/e Q to be lauded by everyone!

  12. what a fun event, great women..great eats!!

  13. looks like a fun and tasty event! love the last pic hahah

  14. Jessie C. says:

    The salsa dip looks so good!

  15. Janice Cooper says:

    That looks so delicious! Someone I worked with used to make a 7 layer taco dip. It was so good. I also like spinach dip too and I never liked spinach as a kid.

  16. WOW it looks so delicious lol..I love dip!! French onion dip is my fave…with caramelized onions!

    I also love guacamole dip!

    Thank you for the chance to win!