How I Got $40 Worth of Products For $4.72 at CVS

My sister, out of all people I know, hasn’t done much shopping with coupons — that is until she moved to a beautiful apartment with a much higher rent. In the past year, I have tried to tell her that the way to save money on groceries and toiletries, she must buy a newspaper or two to get her maximum savings due to the coupon inserts. Since she’s a workaholic, she doesn’t have the time to coupon like I do so she’s been taking baby steps.


Hey, a girl’s gotta start somewhere, right?




This morning she surprised by by telling me she went to CVS and got $50 worth of stuff for $37 PLUS received $18 back in extra care bucks which in CVS terms, she got all her goods for $19.


I was amazed. My sister is actually taking my advice. I was so proud. In fact I was so proud, she made me get my lazy butt off the sofa and get dressed to go out and buy my newspapers (I buy 4 each week). But first, I had to scan my favorite sites to see the best case scenarios.

Here’s What I Did

First I went to and checked out all the free items I can get with the right coupons. Then I went on to see what scenarios she had on her post and last, one of my favorite gal pals Vera Sweeney from I just love to see her in action on her latest CVS haul videos. She has become a CVS queen just like I was before blogging took over my life so she is the inspiration for today’s shopping trip.


First of all, I bought some stuff that returned some extra care bucks in the last two weeks so I started with $13 in ECB’s (Extra Care Bucks) for today.


After buying today’s paper (like I said before, I actually bought 4 to maximize my savings), I knew I would have a great day at CVS.


Here’s What I Bought:

1- L’Oreal Lipstick ($5.00)
1-L’Oreal Lip Liner ($5.00)
2- Oral B Pulsar Toothbrushes ($12.00 @$6 ea.)
1-Crest Pro-Health Mouth Rinse ($4.50) 1- 3Pk of Ivory Soap ($.99) 1-Colgate 360 Surround Toothbrush ($2.79)
1-Colgate SmartFoam Toothpaste ($2.79)
2-Newspapers ($3.00 @$1.50 ea.)
1-Collins Spanish/English Dictionary (On clearance for $1.49)


Total BEFORE coupons: $39.47

Total AFTER coupons: $4.72




If you haven’t, sign up for the CVS ExtraCare rewards and make sure you add your email address to get the latest coupons and updates.

This week I received a coupon for $4 off any purchase $20 or more so I printed a copy of that and used it toward today’s purchase. I also scanned my extra care rewards card in-store and received a $3 off a $10 cosmetic purchase which I used towards my L’Oreal products.


CVS print-at-home coupon: $4.00
CVS Kiosk Print Out Coupon $3 off a $10 cosmetic purchase.
Crest Pro-Health Rinse: Used $2/1 coupon from the 6/5 P&G insert
2-Oral-B Pulsar Toothbrushes: Used (2) $3/1 coupon from the 6/5 P&G insert ($6.00)
Colgate 360 Surround Toothbrush: Used $0.75/1 coupon from the 6/5 SmartSource insert.
Ivory 3-Pk Soap Bars: Used $1/1 coupon from the 5/1 P&G insert
L’Oreal Colour Riche Lip Color and Lip Liner: Used (2) $2/1 coupons from the 5/1 RP insert.
And $13.00 in ECB’s.

Total coupons (both manufacturer and CVS ECB’s) used: $34.75

Received: $15.50 in ECB’s for next week!


So technically CVS paid me to shop today. Yay!


Did you save any money today?

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  1. Vera @ Lady and the Blog says:

    THAT IS WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT!! I AM SO OBSESSED AND YOU DID GREAT!!! SOrry for all the caps but I am screaming! :O)

  2. I have gotten a few great little deals here and there but I really need to get back on my coupon grind. I have been noticing people with big ass binders in the stores buying up everything in the shelves! I feel like that is just greedy. You did great though at CVS. I only shop there maybe once a year. I need to look into it. Thanks for posting this because it is encouraging me to do better 🙂
    Shelly recently posted..Yep- Im the mean mom

  3. guanajinger says:

    muchacha why are you paying for newspaper ? go to the nearest bodega and ask them to give you the inserts for sunday papers that did not sell. In NY the y just need to turn in the top of the top sheet of the the paper to receive the credit .

  4. I love CVS too! They are my all time FAVORITE store!

  5. giiirrrrl you have no idea how much I LOVE CVS because of this. Seriously.

    Li recently posted..Wordless Wednesday- Warning Signs

  6. Lol. My sister has been couponing for a few weeks now! It’s the best! She’s a rite aid girl. You should exchange notes! lol
    See you tomorrow!

  7. Love it! This is what I love about coupon shopping! That’s amazing!
    Suzanne @ Mom Confessionals recently posted..Paging Dr House

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