Bloggers Share Their PERFECT Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day, to most moms, is a day to relax and unwind according to the bloggers I “interviewed.” It’s not a day for extravagant gifts or have brunch or dinner at a fancy restaurant. Most of us moms just want the day off to do absolutely nothing.

And there’s nothing wrong with wanting a day to ourselves. Moms work hard all year long and on our special day (although Mother’s Day should be everyday), we just want to be filled with lots of love, no mommy duties and lots of scrumptious foods to eat.


My idea of  THE perfect Mother’s Day is kisses and love from my children and spouse, brunch, dinner (and thereafter a spotless kitchen) and a lazy day doing nothing.  I don’t even have the desire to go out – I can stay home watching movies (preferably romantic comedies) and being a lazy bum.

Now that’s a perfect Mother’s Day. 😉

Read what some of my blogger friends said what their idea of the PERFECT Mother’s Day is to them:

1. Nirasha from says,

I would love to wake up to a clean house and have a picnic with my family. I would love us to all go out on a trail and spend time together. In all the craziness of travel, and school, and therapies we forget to just breathe. My kids have already been wrapping presents (their own toys) for me so they are excited too.

2. Tricia from says,

For me the perfect Mother’s Day would include a day with my four children and my mother. I would love to take a picture of all of us together and one of just me and my children along with one of each one of my children with me alone. I think it’s important to take pictures with your kids and I’m starting a new tradition! Every year on Mother’s day I’m going to make a point of taking these important photos. They will be something to cherish through the years.

3. Kimberly from says,

The perfect mother’s day would include sleeping in late; great food (that I don’t have to cook); pampering (massages – I’m not picky – my husband or a professional can do it!) and spending time with my three fave guys (my husband and two sons!).

4. Vera from says,

The perfect Mother’s Day would start with a Venti Starbucks BTL. 🙂 After that – anything goes! LOL – just kidding. I would love to spend a QUIET and relaxing day with my family and not be responsible for anything. Moms need a day off every now and then from every decision. What’s for dinner? I don’t know? You tell me…

5. Alicia from says,

My son is three-and-a-half years old so I’m certainly not expected much from him this Mother’s Day. Heck, I don’t even think he knows what Mother’s Day is. Not to mention that I am a single mom so other than a “Happy Mother’s Day” phone call, I’m not expecting anything from my ex. But I am totally okay with that because I’ll know that it’s Mother’s Day and I’ll celebrate the love that I have for my son and my amazement of all Mothers in style. We are going to have a special brunch, attend church, and before dinner, we’ll cuddle on our sofa reading children’s books and watching our favorite movie — Toy Story! A day filled with love and just us two, and it’ll be delightful. Did I mention that I’ll be having mimosas with brunch and red wine with dinner? Yea… it’ll certainly be delightful!

6. Nancy from says,

My perfect Mother’s Day would be to sleep in. Until 1 or 2pm and then have a quiet house and a hot breakfast waiting for me. With three kids (including a 8 1/2 month old baby), sleep and a quiet breakfast would be the best gift ever!

7. Carol from says,

“It used to be that my best Mother’s Day was having the kids all over me, showering me with love and kisses. But lately, I will confess, that if the showering with love could just hold off till later in the morning so that I can get some extra sleep, I would love that! And I would LOVE breakfast in bed too, but please, don’t wake me up for it. Sleep. That would be for me the best Mother’s Day ever!”

8. Maybelline from says,

As a stay at home mom I believe the best Mother’s would include: no mommy related duties like changing diapers, cooking and feeding the family, cleaning the house, doing laundry or grocery store trips. I think I would stick to the fun parts of having kids, the laughs, the smiles, the playing on the floor or with dirt and of course the kisses that only moms get from their kids. For me, it’s not about expensive and shiny new things but to treasure memories and good moments.

9. Amy from says,

My best Mother’s Day was last year, when I ran a four mile race for charity. I didn’t burn up the track or anything, but I did jog the entire four miles, and was very proud of myself. The best part was that my husband and kids were waiting near the finish line, cheering me on, looking so proud! Of course, this year I’m going back to being selfish and lazy on Mother’s Day. 🙂

10. Linda from says,

As as single mother with no family in the area, Mother’s Day has only been just another day. I do spend time to reflect on how lucky I am that God brought my daughter and I together to form our little family bu I pretty much just go about my day as I do every other day.  However, my 2011 Mother’s Day will be different. My daughter is “now eight years old and she has informed me that she is planning a “special breakfast”  for me.  I will always have the memory of her excited and proud face when she told me last week, that she wants to make sure this is a special Mother’s Day for me.  Even if all she does is pour a bowl of cereal or make toast (which is all she knows how to do,) it will be the best Mother’s Day ever.

11. Ana Flores from says,

My best Mother´s Day is still to come. It would be me all alone in a sandy beach getting an all-day massage, disconnected from it all.

12. Corine from says,

So after watching “The Middle” I realized I had my perfect mothers day all wrong– I almost forgot what I ask for EVERY year and never get— a day in the house COMPLETELY alone.

13. Carrie  from says,

I have asked my 7-year-old daughter for a day of “Yeses” I don’t get them that often.

14. Silvia from says,

I have asked my husband to help me to clean and organize one room in our house and go for a pedi with my friends. Ha! no cooking for mama either!

15. Blanca from says,

I would spend a whole day at a spa: getting a massage, pedicure, manicure, facial and anything else on the menu.

16. Yoly from says,

To be back in the Island to be with my mami on a special day and have my step daughter make nice with hubby.

A HUGE thanks to all the wonderful bloggers for participating. This post wouldn’t have been possible without you lovely ladies. Hugs to all 16 of you!



  1. Lisa, thank you for this collection. It was wonderful to read varied responses!

    You have a beautiful day con tu familia!
    Carrie at TikiTikiBlog! recently posted..Celebrating Abuela- Mother’s Day eBook

  2. Great post! Hope you are enjoying your day 🙂
    Isolated Existence recently posted..Happy Mothers Day!

  3. This is a great compilation Lisa.

    I hope that your Mother’s Day was wonderful!

  4. Happy Mother’s Day!
    Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly recently posted..Happy Mothers Day Butterfly!

  5. Great collection! Thanks for including my perfect mother’s day. Maybe now it will come true!!!! 😀

  6. NYC SingleMom says:

    What a range of stories, loved them all.

    Thanks for asking about our Mothers day.

  7. So fun reading everyone ‘s Comments I hope all had a wonderful day just like we all deserve
    Tricia @Nightowlmama recently posted..Link Up for Twitter Hop Follow

  8. I’m so glad you ladies participated. So thank you!

  9. I loved it! It’s funny how we all want a break from the kitchen!! I think I’m gong to copy Tricia’s idea of the photoshoot!
    Happy Mother’s Day!
    Maybelline @ Naturalmente Mamá recently posted..Ganadora del sorteo de Tropical Traditions Dish Liquid

  10. These are SO great… all of the responses. I really love Carol’s response that she would want to HOLD OFF on those gifts for a few extra hours of sleep… DITTO!

    Great job putting this together, Lisa! You absolutely rock! xoxo
    Alicia @Mommy Delicious recently posted..A Very Delicious Mothers Day

  11. Sorry I didn’t get the chance to respond in time to be included in this post, Lisa! I’ve gotten so incredibly behind on email, it’s not even funny. I hope you had the perfect Mother’s Day! I received your text… that was so sweet of you. 🙂
    Mariana recently posted..WW- Further Inspection

    • Girl, I know exactly how that is, no problem. I am the biggest blogger procrastinator at times but I can’t help it. Family comes first. I had a wonderful Mother’s Day. I hope you did too. Thank you!

  12. I smiled at all the different mom responses. None of them want anything big, fancy or expensive – well, maybe spa day can be expensive if we get EVERY service on the menu. I hope everyone got the chance to sit back and relax for a few minutes on Mothers Day.

  13. Clare Mcclure says:

    Hope you had a great day too. I’ve gotten so incredibly behind on email, it’s not even funny. lol Hope your Mother’s Day was great!
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