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Sadly I could not make the JAFRA event but I’m glad La Latina Loquita was able to cover the event for New York Chica. Please give a warm welcome to Victoria Love.

NewYorkChica.com was invited to experience a beauty event on behalf of Jafra Cosmetics which was held at Marquee in Manhattan and sponsored by PrettyCity.com. Now I’m a MAC girl through and through, so I was a little skeptical at first. I have very sensitive skin and with the wrong makeup or face-wash, I break out like a teenager hitting puberty. But to my surprise, I was very impressed with their products. Everyone attending the event was given a time to get a complimentary make-up application by one of their talented make-up artists.

Daniel, my makeup guru, began my consultation by asking me what I was looking for in makeup and which areas I liked to focus on. I told him that I don’t wear very much makeup, but when I do I like it to look as if I’m not wearing any at all, but still have my eyes pop. So he began by applying their Mineral Makeup SPF 15 in “True Natural” with a fat brush. It felt completely weightless on my skin and looked very natural. He explained for a natural anytime look to just lightly brush a light mineral foundation on your face. For a darker night time look, you would take the same foundation but use a different thicker, flatter brush, and press down harder on the skin. After that he jumped to the eyes. He started to apply eyeliner using their Eye Pencil in “Charcoal” to the lid of my eye. I was afraid of this because whenever I’ve done that look, it always appears that I’ve been punched in the eye. But the trick is to keep it very thin and to apply it into the eyelash.

If you don’t feel your lashes moving, you’re not doing it right. Remember this is for a subtle anytime look. He then moved to the Trio Eyeshadow, and chose the “Cappuccino” shade. He took a smaller, but still thick brush and tapped the middle plate of color and applied it to the crease and bone of my eye. He then moved on to the lighter color of the plate and with the same brush, applied it to the lid. Besides that fact that again it was very weightless, what’s great about these shadows are that they’re crease-proof. I don’t know about you, but one of my pet peeves about eyeshadow is that after two hours you get that eyeshadow gunk-up on your eyes. Continuing with my eyes, he used Lash Maximizing mascara on the lashes, and coated both the top and bottom. He moved on from my eyes to my cheeks adding some Perfect Glow colored Powder Blush to my look.

I never wear blush, but it didn’t look cake-y, so I allowed it. He said to make sure to stock up on neutrals and peach tones for Spring because that’s the color that’ll be all the rage. Yes, he said all the rage. Lastly he finished with my lips applying “Ultra Shine Lip Gloss” in Nude. On top of the gloss he used their “Automatic Lip Liner” in Neutral, because since liners are waterproof, it helps the color stay on longer. Or as Daniel put it to me, “If you find a hot guy and wind up in the back making out somewhere, it won’t wear off.” I thought that was great way to end my consult.

Before leaving I did get the Jafra Catalog for 2011 which has all their makeup, skin care products, spa products and a section for Men’s products. I also picked up a beauty book that shows various makeup tips and photos on how to apply makeup. They provided everyone with goodie-bags which contained a lip gloss, two nail polishes and an eyeshadow. I was hoping it would’ve been my “Cappuccino” color, but it wasn’t; still a very nice color.

I’m also in love with the “Mystery” colored nail polish. I can’t wait to get my nails done so I can use it. Guests of the event were also treated to Mini mani-pedi stations where you could get your color changed, courtesy of Christine Valmy and SPArties. Capelli D’oro also provided “Dry Styling”, which was curling or straightening the hair of those that were interested. We all received drink tickets to enjoy some fabulous cocktails, as well as mini cupcakes and Pizza all courtesy of Marquee. I had to skip out on the pizza because I’m trying to lose weight. And that was extremely hard since it smelled amazing and they kept replenishing the area whenever there were about 3 slices left. But I did have two mini cupcakes because they had Red Velvet, and I can NEVER pass that up.

So I give Jafra 4 out of 5 lipsticks!

La Latina Loquita is a 28 year old unemployed “chica” who began blogging last year.  She is well versed in marketing, entertainment and reality TV. Visit her at La Latina Loquita.blogspot.com.


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  2. Love it sounded like fun and informative
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    Yes, I was totally in tune with that. So was my Dad. He said he definitely intends to check it out next week. We will be back before you know it….

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