Two Movies That Are Worth Watching – “You Again” & “I Do and I Don’t”

I can’t believe it’s been a couple of months since I last reviewed a movie (besides Gnomeo and Juliet – which is a fantastic movie!).  My husband and I are constantly watching movies when the kids go to bed – it’s our time to cuddle and get that one-on-one attention that we crave and deserve.   Like I said before in previous posts, we enjoy horror films, romantic comedies, drama movies and an occasional sci-fi flick.

The two movies that are worth watching are You Again and I Do and I Don’t.  Both movies are romantic comedies and both will make you laugh your butt off.

Let’s start with You Again first since it’s a new release. You Again is a movie that will make you reminisce of your high school days.  It’s starts off at Ridgefield High school in 2002 with Marni Olivia Olsen (Kristen Bell) who was bullied by the most popular girl and cheerleading captain, Joanna Clark (Odette Yustman).  Joanna made Marni’s life a living hell that she never wanted to remember those painful four years.  Fast forward to today, Marni is 26 years old and very successful in her career as a PR executive. She later finds out her brother is soon to wed a girl who she went to high school with.  When she finds out it’s the girl who tormented her in high school, she was mortified.  All the terrible memories came back like it were yesterday.  It’s also when the movie starts to get interesting.

You wonder — will she get over the fact that this girl bullied her during her most precious years?  Will she be able to put it past her?  You’ll encounter some funny twists and turns when Signorey Weaver (Ramona) and Jamie Lee Curtis (Gail) come out with their own high school past.  Also with Betty White, who’s the hilarious grandmother (who’s always a great actress in any movie she stars in – in my opinion), you will watch You Again over and over again.  And don’t forget the man in your life.  He will truly enjoy this film as well. My husband laughed his butt off throughout the movie. It’s definitely in our “must-see again” list. And if you have kids, it’s totally safe to watch it with them. That itself, is a HUGE plus in my book.

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And now for, I Do and I Don’t. This is not a new release as its release date was in 2007 but thanks to Netflix, we found the movie under comedy and we’re so glad we did.  How could we miss this hilarious movie?  It’s one of those movies where you’ll pee in your pants. Seriously.

It starts off with a young couple (Alexie Gilmore as Cheryl Murphy, Bryan Callen as Bob Jacobs) who are getting ready to be hitched but they must go through premarital counseling or have a one-on-one with another couple before getting married which Bob forgets to schedule.  They must do either one or the priest won’t marry them.

During the one-on-one counseling with the other couple (Matt Servitto as Dick Stelmack, Jane Lynch  as Nora Stelmack), Cheryl and Bob find out for themselves that this couple is beyond dysfunctional who may be in desperate need of counseling. The dysfunctional couple take turns showing their true colors in ways you will not believe.  It’s a movie that will make you laugh hysterically.  If you’re married or engaged, this movie is for you.  I do have to remind you that it’s not for those who are “sensitive” to crude humor – this movie is full of crude humor which makes it a must-see, in my opinion.  There are some things that happen that you can certainly relate to and other things that you may not.  To watch the trailer, you can view it on Youtube.

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Disclosure: I was not compensated nor given any DVDs for review.  I simply wanted to let my readers know of two good movies that are worth watching.

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