Ramblings: I Threw My Kids Out on My Birthday

You may think I’m the worst mom in the whole wide world but after you read this, you’ll (hopefully) understand.

Yesterday was my birthday and my husband took the day off to spend my birthday with me. We didn’t plan anything special — just breakfast at the local diner or lunch at Red Robin. We agreed that we’ll go with the flow.

The night before, he said that he’d take care of the kids in the morning so I could sleep in and I immediately had a grin from ear to ear. I don’t know about you but I adore my “beauty” sleep. I sometimes have a hard time sleeping so getting a good night’s sleep is very important to me and necessary if my family wants a happy mommy and wife ;).

So I got my beauty sleep and didn’t get up till 9 am. I was a happy camper. A starving one at that.  Since I saw that my husband already had breakfast, I told him we can save our appetite and go to Red Robin for lunch instead.

After our five year old went to school (she goes in the afternoons), we left to eat lunch at Red Robin.  While there, we talked, we laughed and of course we ate some juicy, tasty burgers. I had the Bacon Cheeseburger and my hubby had the Red Robin Burger with the fried egg.  The burgers are HUGE so needless to say, we were stuffed by the time we were done.

Once we were done with our lunch, we stopped at the supermarket to get an ice cream cake and went home.  Once we were home, we just sat on the couch and vegged out in front of the TV.  It was one of those days. Dinner was already made because I made a lasagna the night before so that I won’t have to worry about dinner on MY day.  The kids were doing their homework and we were catching up on our recorded shows.

Later on that evening, we decided on a movie and chose Date Night with Tina Fey and Steve Carell.  Right before we started to watch Date Night, the kids started arguing, screaming and just being “kids.” We told them we didn’t want any noise and we sent them to their rooms for the rest of the night.

At first I felt bad because we always hang out in the living room and spend time together as a family but my husband and I rarely have a night out to ourselves.

To be honest, I don’t remember the last time we went out as a couple.  It’s always the five of us and never the “two of us.” So we decided that from now on, once a month (at least) we are going to have “date night” at home and at the same time, the kids can do their own thing.

In the end, it worked out.  The kids went to bed at 8:50 and we had the night to ourselves.

You see, it wasn’t so bad throwing my kids out on my birthday. 😉


  1. Glad you have a great bday. I agree with the date nights. Hubby and I were going out once a month, but since we bought the house this summer, we really haven’t had a date night. We need to reinstate them! It’s great being out together, without the kids and just enjoying each other. My sister normally kept the kids for us overnight, so we would have a whole night together. It was AWESOME! Yay for date night!

    And Happy Birthday!!!!!!
    isaida recently posted..YaY!

  2. Happy be-lated birthday girly!

    That sounds like a PERFECT day, seriously! Quiet, peaceful, you and your boo just enjoying some much needed “couple’s time.” That is so sweet that hubby took the day off for you!
    Yakini recently posted..Wordless Wednesday

  3. Nothing wrong with that at all! 🙂

    Glad you had a good birthday!
    NYCPatty recently posted..The Best Gift I Ever Gave

  4. Thanks Ladies. I think we’re gonna “kick the kids out” once a month. LOL

  5. Good for you!!! Happy Belated BDAY! I hope your Christmas
    was wonderful and that you have an amazing New Year!! Best, Li
    @LaLicenciada @HerDeepThoughts
    Li recently posted..Its MONDAY!!! Which means its LushLunes!

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