The American Museum of Natural History Announces Brain: The Inside Story

Exhibition Opens November 20 and Remains on View Until August 14, 2011  International Tour Follows Showing in New York City

The American Museum of Natural History announces Brain: The Inside Story, an amazing and stimulating exhibition that will give visitors a new perspective and insight into their own brains using imaginative art, vivid brain scan imaging, and thrilling interactive exhibits that will engage the whole family.

Brain features the latest cutting-edge research from the treating of diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s to the recent studies of more intangible aspects like the mapping of our emotional responses. Brain: The Inside Story will open November 20 and remain on view until August 14, 2011, after which it will begin an international tour.

Brain: The Inside Story offers an unprecedented journey through the essential bundle of neurons that is the human brain, the command center of every human being that enables each person to think, feel, and learn. The exhibition begins with an enthralling walk-through installation by contemporary Spanish artist Daniel Canogar, a canopy of moving lights representing billions of firing neurons inside the human brain.

Passing through this dynamic interpretation, visitors will continue to explore their senses, emotions, thoughts, and memories through a series of videos and interactive installations that test visitors’ responses. The presentation of the brain’s adaptability and the surprising way it continually rewires itself throughout life—highlighted by the latest imaging technology—will engage visitors of all ages.

Brain: The Inside Story is a sensory feast that will engage, enlighten, and entertain visitors with intriguing facts about our five senses, our emotional brain, our thinking brain, our changing brain, and our future brain. The action starts with a multimedia presentation that offers a captivating introduction to the brain.

Images are projected on a scrim surrounding a clear, 5-foot-tall sculpted model of the brain. Various parts of the model light up as they are described in the narrative, helping visitors better visualize brain structure and function.

In a section exemplifying how the brain changes with age, an interactive video lets visitors try pronouncing words from unfamiliar languages, a task that is more difficult for people whose brains weren’t exposed to these sounds in early childhood.

Relaxing in the “Brain Lounge,” visitors will see how different parts of the brain are stimulated by various activities—like listening to music, sporting events, or foreign languages—by viewing colorful functional brain scans, or fMRIs, of people as varied as musicians, athletes, and U.N. translators.


  1. This exhibition sounds interesting. This summer my daughter took my granddaughter to Philly museum where she learned about the human heart as she climbed through a huge model of the heart. Ever since, she’s intrigued by the human body & how various organs work. I think she’d enjoy that 5′ sculpted model of the brain. There’s so much to learn about the brain and I marked my calendar! THANKS LISA!


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