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Marmaduke came into my life the moment I started reading the Sunday funnies.  It was the cartoon I went to first to read and laugh.  Marmaduke always made me feel giddy.  Now that I’m older, I don’t even look at the funnies anymore but my kids do. I’ll buy the newspaper just for the coupons — my kids love the newspaper because of the funnies.

We finally saw Marmaduke last weekend and it didn’t catch the interest of my husband or my two older kids so my five year old and I stayed on the sofa watching the movie.

Here’s a brief synopsis of the movie:

An all-star cast of voice talents, including Owen Wilson (Marley & Me), George Lopez (“The George Lopez Show”), Kiefer Sutherland (“24”), and Fergie (The Black Eyed Peas) lend their voices to the dog-out-of-water tale about what happens when the lovable oversized pooch is unleashed in an idyllic seaside town.When Marmaduke (Owen Wilson) moves to a new neighborhood with his family, the super-sized teenage dog soon discovers he just doesn’t fit in—literally! Marmaduke can’t help being a one-dog wrecking crew, causing fur-flying chaos wherever he roams. But, with the help of his friend, Carlos the Cat (George Lopez), Marmaduke may just get out of the doghouse, fall in love, and surf off into the sunset.

My Thoughts:

I thought the movie was corny. There were some funny parts but overall when I see a talking animal, I don’t get amused. Some parts were ok and a bit funny but the one who really enjoyed it was my five year old.  She LOVED it!  She loves animals who can talk so for her this movie was great.

If you have children that love talking animals, especially dogs, this movie is for them.  But watch out for some crude language.  My kids are not that sheltered so this was considered family-friendly for us.

Marmaduke is available now on DVD and Blu-ray.

Disclosure: The movie Marmaduke was sent for review purposes only. No monetary compensation was given.


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