The Latest in Microwave Technology: True Cook Plus

Last month I had an opportunity to check out the latest technology in microwaves called True Cook Plus, thanks to my friend Kimberly Coleman from The event was held at City Treehouse in Chelsea on a beautiful New York City afternoon (check out the slide show at the bottom of this post featuring the microwave, food and City Treehouse).

While the kids played in the play area, the parents/bloggers learned how True Cook Plus works, which is a microwave technology that cooks food to perfection and optimal taste while eliminating concerns for Salmonella and E. Coli.

It’s the easiest microwave you’ll ever use – my five year old can even cook with it.  The set up is extremely easy — all you need to do is press the True Cook Plus button three times, key in your 5-digit zip code using the keypad (so it can determine the altitude for proper cooking) and press the start button.

Once the microwave is all set up, when you’re ready to place a frozen dinner or dessert into the microwave, just look for the True Cook Plus number in the back of the package, key in the code that is specially marked for each individual meal and press start.

That’s it!

The results are perfect food every time. No need to wonder if the food is cook properly.  You will get perfect results each time.  Like Steve Schafel (the developer) said, “It’s like having a chef in your microwave!”

You can find these special code numbers on approximately 120 food items but that number will expand in the next few months.

The food items we all tried at the event were the Celeste Frozen Pizza and the Betty Crocker Warm Delights Minis. They were both equally delicious.  I’m not too fond of microwave pizza because I don’t like soft, soggy crust but with True Cook Plus, it made the pizza perfectly cooked. The bottom crust was perfect too. It was left with a great crunch – just the way I like pizza.

Right now, microwaves with the True Cook Plus features are available through the brands, LG and Kenmore.  They are available to buy at Sears and Best Buy.  Microwaves with the True Cook Plus technology will soon be featured in other brands as well so be on the look out for those too.

The price is pretty reasonable.  They range between $119 – $139. Not too bad considering you take the guesswork out of knowing whether your food is cooked or not.

Just in case you were wondering how this technology got started, below is the story:

The person behind this ingenious idea is entrepreneur Steve Schafel.  Together with an engineer, Steven Drucker, who had been working with a prototype and his motivation to help his nephew (who suffers from cerebral palsy), become more independent in the kitchen, came True Cook Plus. After seeing how well his nephew adapted to this new feature, he decided to go ahead and sell it on the market so that families everywhere can have the same ease with cooking foods in their microwaves.


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