Wordless Wednesday – My Favorite Childhood TV Show {Linky}

This is by far one the best things I saw while in Washington, DC. The Smithsonian has it on display next to other icons like Fonzie’s jacket, the original Kermit the Frog puppet and even Dorothy’s ruby red slippers.

These two chairs brought back so many memories.

You see, my dad used to watch All in the Family every week and right along side him was me, watching it also. Now my kids watch it with my husband and I and we all laugh and have a good time. Makes me wish I could have just one hour with my dad in 1980. Good times.

If you have a WW post, please feel free to add your link below. I would LOVE to see your photo.


  1. Great photos! Wow, I can imagine the strong feelings and memories this broght back. You got my eyes watering… Thanks for sharing.


  2. My favorite childhood TV shows were the Andy Griffith Show, Sanford & Son, and the Pink Panther lol 🙂

  3. Very sweet post.

  4. That’s also one of my favorite museums! Love the Smithsonian 🙂

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