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Thinking about saving my pregnancy tests often disgusted me (C’mon, you pee on it!)  so after using one after finding out I was pregnant, I would just throw it away.  Little did I know that I was going to find a long-lost ept test years later.

A few weeks ago, I was clearing out my nite stand and I found a miscellaneous envelope. I opened it and I found a pregnancy test that I used for my last child.

I forgot to throw the last one away (from my 3rd child) and now regret throwing the first two out.

The memories flowed in my brain when I held it in my hand.  At that very moment, I realized that I threw away a part of my past.  I thought to myself, why did I throw the other tests away? But then I quickly remembered that I thought it was gross to keep those things.

To be honest, it made me sad thinking that I threw away “the greatest news ever in our lives” but I was also glad I didn’t throw away the one I had.  This last pregnancy test would indeed be the “last” test for me because I got my tubes tied after my 3rd child.

At that time, I felt regrets because I couldn’t go back in time like I did when I held the test in my hands (I know that sounds weird) but to me it is a sign that miracles do happen.

You see, after having my son and my daughter, I thought I was done having children.  My husband would often ask me if I wanted to have any more kids, I would always say heck no! We were both bringing home income, traveling with our two kids was fairly easy and we were living comfortably financially.

I didn’t want to struggle with money like we did before when the kids were babies.  Before we had kids, we both agreed that I would stay home for the first year with each child and I did.  It was a struggle financially but we managed but I could not face that once again.

In June 2004, my husband and I took a trip to Puerto Rico.  It was our long awaited “honeymoon.” We left our two kids with my mother and went away for 6 days.

It was the longest 6 days ever but it was the best 6 days too!  We had a great time exploring Puerto Rico (it was my very 1st time visiting P.R. & 1st time on a plane) and I even got to visit my godmother who I haven’t seen in 20 years.  I’m dreaming about going back – but this time with the kids.

Little did we know that we’d be bringing home a special “souvenir.”  A “souvenir” that would bring us so much joy and complete our wonderful family. I will be forever grateful for that trip to Puerto Rico (& to God) because it brought back our last child, our baby.

The moment I knew I was pregnant was the instant I felt the urge to vomit.  That is the only time I feel nauseous and queasy.   At first, I was not happy. I couldn’t believe it.  I told my husband how I was feeling and we literally raced to our local CVS to purchase a pregnancy test.  He kept on saying I don’t think you’re pregnant, you’re probably coming down with something but I knew.  When you’re a woman whose gone thru pregnancy before, you just know.

After I took the pregnancy test, the two lines appeared immediately.  I was in shock.  I came out of the bathroom with tears in my eyes.  My husband on the other hand was ecstatic! He saw the tears and he said don’t worry, we’ll make it.  He knew why I was crying.  I didn’t want us to worry abut money because the more kids a family has, the more money it costs – that’s just a fact.

After he consoled me and told me everything would be alright, I was happy and relieved.  It was great to feel the joys of being pregnant again after 6 years. Everything felt like new and things turn out to be pretty good. Thank God!

P.S. My daughter was born with a birth mark on her back with the shape of Puerto Rico. No lie! LOL I’ve got a picture somewhere and when I find it, I’ll post it on twitter. @Newyorkchica. 😉

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  1. What a great story….

    I, on the other hand, gross as it may sound, did keep my preganancy test. Everytime I see it, I remember exactly how I felt that day. You are so right, it reminds me of the miracle.

    Wow, very special post.


  2. Great post, I enjoyed it! Thanks for sharing your story. 🙂

  3. Never thought of saving them and don’t find it to thrilling.

  4. I found a test about a year or so after our youngest was born and was shocked I would’ve kept it. I did toss it but your right it is something that should be saved.

    • I think it’s special and has meaning to only you because you knew exactly how you felt and no one else did. Thanks for commenting 🙂

  5. I kept mine!!! And reminds me of the miracle of carrying a child inside of you (we are so lucky), the beautiful feelings I had while I was pregnant and the beautiful and lovely baby boy that brightens my days with an awsome smile every morning. I loved your story and what a wonderful souvenir you took home with tou..

  6. When I was pregnant with my 3rd, my husband’s 1st he got so mad at me for throwing away the pregnancy test! This was his first child and he wanted the test as a keepsake. I thought it was crazy since I had peed on it, but he didn’t care. I felt bad that I threw it away, but it was too late. =(

    While packing to move into our new house. I found a little diaper from Elijah(our last baby)Hubby had written his name on it. We were all amazed at how little he was. Hubby is very sentimental and keeps everything. I love that about him!


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