Shout-Out Sunday – 7/11 {late}


I wanted to start a new trend here at New York Chica.  I want to give a special shout out to those bloggers (friends & beyond) that have had great reads during the past week.  I will try my best to get these out by Sunday night each week.

I hope you enjoy their sites as much as I do.

1. Who said it was your child’s job to make you happy?

2. This mama is surely proud of her baby on his first job!

3. Dreams do come true.

4. My friend needs YOUR vote!

5. What the heck is Foursquare anyway?

6. Oh no! Toddlers on a plane!

7. Marriage is definitely HARD work!

8. I can’t believe this mama still gets surprised!

**If you would like to be featured here on our new Shout-Out Sunday post, please leave us an email with your link (no giveaways please) at Lisa [at] newyorkchica [dot] com. Thanks.


  1. Thanks Lisa for including me in your Sunday Shout-out! Love it!

  2. Thanks honey … under a month and I will be seeing you 🙂

  3. Thanks so much Lisa, I just found out my instructions are wrong and I need to ammend them, I’m working on updating the page, but in the meantime:

    I wasn’t aware that you also need to post to BarefootMomma’s wall because she is judging for energizer – when you get a chance, also post it here: and also include @BarefootMomma in your tweets – so new post should read ‘@BarefootMomma + @kailani @Tracy_Iglesias should be the Smart ChargeHer at #BlogHer 2010 in NYC #energizer’


  4. Great idea Lisa. Thanks for including my post friend.

  5. This is a great idea. Check some of the posts now 🙂

  6. Oops meant to say checking some of the posts now..

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