Wordless Wednesday – Always Ready

This is what my daughter does the night before she has school or when she knows we’re going somewhere. She says she wants to make sure she has her clothes ready so she won’t be late.

People, she’s 5!!!! Imagine when she’s a teenager!

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  1. Wow! She is so organized!!

  2. I wish I was that organized LOL

  3. Thats awesome!!

  4. ummm… Im concerned- what this says about me that I’m {slightly} older than 5 and still havent gotten into the pre-plan your outfit routine… Im more of a throw around clothes from the closet 10 min before I have to leave– and leaving a scene of a tornado in my path. lol

  5. I say she’s going to save you alot of time.

  6. Lol that is too cute. What a little diva!

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