Sunday’s Storm

Earlier today the tri-state area was issued a tornado warning.

How crazy is that?! In New York? Yup!

I know a few years ago there was a small tornado that hit a few houses several miles away so tornadoes are not a rare thing in New York, unfortunately.

Anyway, before taking the video below, my husband and I were just chilling out on the sofa when suddenly we heard lots of rain & thunder.  So we looked outside and this is what we saw:

Thunder Storm in NY from New York Chica on Vimeo.

P.S. Never mind all that brush on the grass. We’re getting a company to remove it this week (way over due!). There’s lots of thorns on the branches from a huge bush that we trimmed so that’s why we never took it out. 😉

Better safe, than sorry is my motto. LOL

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