Did Anyone Guess Right….

on my WW post?

This post was fun even though I only got a few answers.

Unfortunately no one was right.

Rachel said it was jam.  Yona thought it had some avocado in it.  Tracey hoped for pesto and Michele thought it was colored sugar.

So, are you ready to find out what the “Green Goodness” was?

It was homemade GARLIC PASTE!!

Somehow the garlic turned green when my husband added a touch of vinegar into the mixture of garlic, a dash of salt, oregano and butter after putting it in the microwave.  Maybe the vinegar caused a chemical reaction when it got warm.

My two daughters did not want to try it. They both said it looked disgusting.

It wasn’t.



  1. Wow…that’s interesting about it turning green because of the vinegar…the recipe sounds good – I would definitely try it.

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