Wordless Wednesday ~ Food Network Celebrities

Melissa D'Arabian and I at the Bread Art project Event

Tyler Florence and I at Rustico's Cooking School for "Salad Night Live."

I wonder who’s next on my list.. Could it be Rachael Ray? Or Emeril Lagasse? Or Paula Deen? Or The Neely’s? Or Bobby Flay?

NO, I’ve got a better idea – how about just ANYONE on the Food Network.

Yea, that’ll work!

We shall see.

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Hey thanks so much for the linky opp 🙂 Today’s WW on SGM is “my husband is in love” 😀

  2. I would’ve been satisfied with Tyler Florence, he’s such a cutie!

  3. Give me Paula Deen! I’m a Food Network junkie.

  4. Love the photos, joined into mr linky. one of thes days I am going to figure it out

  5. Lisa, you are one lucky lady!! How awesome that you got to rub elbows with some talented folks. I am a Food Network junkie 😉

  6. Maybe it should be Racheal Ray!!! Woot Woot!

  7. Hi Lisa!! Awesome pics. That would be to cool to meet some of them. I would love to watch many of them cook in person.

    Hope all is going well! Take care! x

  8. LOVE Tyler! I would love to meet Paula Deen, too. Lucky you!

    My WW post.

  9. Thanks for the linky! I am so jealous of your picture with Melissa. She is adorable!

  10. Very cool! Happy WW!

  11. That is so cool! Love your pictures! BTW I just added your banner to my links page here http://fireflyblog.org/links/ 😉

  12. I’d pee myself if I ever got to meet Paula Deen. She probably wouldn’t want to hug me though.

  13. Happy Wordless Wednesday! 🙂

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