My youngest is 5 – Why am I still suffering from MAJOR Mommy Brain?

You would think that by the time your youngest (that is, if you have kids over 5 years old) is 4-5 years old, the mommy brain would go away.


I have been suffering from Mommy brain ever since I was 21!!!! In case you’re wondering, I was almost 22 when I had my son and it hasn’t gotten any better. In fact, it’s getting worse and I’m getting worried. I’m worried because I don’t want to get Alzheimer’s when I’m an old lady.  I want to be able to remember the good times I had with the people that I care about and love and I also want to remember the happy memories too.

I’ve heard there are many products that help with memory like Ginkgo Biloba and other stuff but I would even forget to take that! LOL

Here are just top 5 things that I’ve forgotten this week:

1. Pay our  car payment & mortgage – ON TIME!

2. Eat breakafast.  I remembered once I started feeling dizzy. This one is odd because I LOVE food but I hate making breakfast so maybe that’s why.

3. Put gas in my car.  I drove around with the gas gauge in RED! Not a good feeling.

4. Went to the supermarket to buy milk because we were all out and I bought everything else EXCEPT the damn milk! – Even things I didn’t need.

5.  Brush my 5 year old’s teeth before school. We had to drive back so I can brush them. I REFUSE to let her go to school with morning breath – That is just nasty!

How about you? Do you have a case of Mommy Brain or Daddy Brain? I would love for you to share your “moments” so I won’t feel alone. 😉



  1. Not a Mommy so no Mommy Brain, but I have heard good things about Gingko Biloba! LOL 🙂

  2. Eddy calls it Momnesia and I have a bad bad case. I have to write everything done so I don’t forget.

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