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tinker bellTinker Bell has always been my favorite character in Peter Pan so it’s no wonder when Tinker Bell came out with her very own movie last year, I was probably one of the first ones to go out and buy it. My daughters will also agree. They both LOVE any movie that is Disney, especially when it comes to princesses or the best fairy in town, Tinker Bell.

Tinker Bell was recently named “Honorary Ambassador of Green” by United Nations Under-Secretary-General for Communications and Public Information, Kiyo Akasaka at the United Nations Headquarters in New York. Tinker Bell was joined by voice cast Mae Whitman (Tinker Bell), Raven Symone (Iridessa), TINKER BELL AND THE LOST TREASURE director Klay Hall, producer Sean Lurie and UN delegates as they celebrated the world premiere of TINKER BELL AND THE LOST TREASURE, which arrived on DVD & Blu-ray on October 27th.

Below is a sneak-peek of the event:

In celebration of the release of TINKER BELL and the LOST TREASURE on Blu-ray & DVD, I present you with the following video clip for the film’s theme song, “Gift of a Friend,” performed by Demi Lovato! This is the full-length music video. The lyrics celebrate the power of friendship, which is a BIG part of this film.

Enjoy a preview of a deleted scene. It’s called “Blaze gets Eaten”:

Bonus Materials

• Scenes You Never Saw – These fairy funny alternate scenes did not make it into the movie.
• Magical Guide to Pixie Hollow – Tinker Bell and Terence are your guides as you explore the autumn area of Pixie Hollow.
• Deleted Scenes with Filmmaker Introductions – Play deleted scenes with optional intros by Director Klay Hall and Producer Sean Lurie.
• Pixie Hollow Comes To Florida – Discover how the filmmakers helped transform Epcot into Pixie Hollow.

I hope you enjoyed the videos I posted here. We really enjoyed the movie and we’ll definitely see this again really soon.

Below is the summary of Tinker Bell and The Lost Treasure:

Let your imagination take flight in an enchanting new motion picture starring the world’s most beloved fairy.

This year’s Autumn Revelry promises to be something special. A blue harvest moon will rise, allowing the fairies to use a precious moonstone to restore the Pixie Dust tree — the source of all their magic. But when Tinker Bell accidentally puts all of Pixie Hollow in jeopardy, she must venture out across the sea on a secret quest to set things right. With some help from her friend Terence — and a charming, rascally firefly named Blaze — Tink braves an astonishing new world and discovers the greatest treasure of all.

“Tinker Bell And The Lost Treasure” is a remarkable tale about the power of friendship that your family will want to enjoy over and over again.

Full Disclosure: Tinker bell and The Lost Treasure on DVD + Blu-Ray was sent to me by Click Communications. I did not receive any monetary compensation for the review, only the DVD set.

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